The Alberta wildfire is dumping mercury into the atmosphere

The fire is burning through a boreal forest that has stored mercury for thousands of years.

There’s a 99% chance this will be the hottest year on record

So says the top climate scientist at NASA.

Europe keeps hitting clean energy milestones

It’s been a really good month for renewables in Portugal, Germany, and the U.K.

Make Americans grate again

America’s hoarding a huge stash of uneaten cheese

We've stored up 1.2 billion pounds of the stuff.

Dead coral reef

Completely unsurprisingly, coal dust kills coral, too

In other news, Earth still round.

Not paying enough rent? New startup Rentberry could change that

The new company plans to make it easy for landlords to auction their units to the higher bidder.

Trump wants to start from scratch on the Paris climate deal

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee thinks he could do better, somehow.

Happy kids with a trophy.

Massachusetts kids latest to nab win in lawsuit for climate action

The Supreme Judicial Court ordered a state agency to design a new emissions rule.

No human alive has seen 7 months this hot before

Since October, we're breaking heat records every month.