Climate & Energy

Frackers are flushing radioactive waste into rivers

Duke University researchers discovered radioactive isotopes at alarming concentrations in a creek where fracking wastewater is dumped.

Climate & Energy

Say goodbye to Yosemite’s largest glacier

Yosemite National Park's largest glacier could disappear within 20 years, robbing the park's ecosystems of a steady water supply.

Climate & Energy

American company sues Canada over fracking moratorium

A failing fracking company says Canadians owe it $250 million because of a ban on fracking beneath the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.

Business & Technology

Monsanto just dropped $1 billion on better weather forecasts

While the federal government hacks away at spending on weather forecasting, Monsanto is taking the opposite approach.

Climate & Energy

In Silicon Valley hub, new homes must be wired for electric cars

Palo Alto will update its building codes, requiring all new homes to be prepped for electric vehicle chargers.

Climate & Energy

Kiribati climate refugees fighting to stay in New Zealand

A couple's homeland is being lost beneath rising seas. Does New Zealand have any obligation to give them asylum?

Business & Technology

Army going green to cut back on dangerous fuel convoys

Fuel trucks are a favorite target of anti-American forces in Afghanistan, so the Army is shifting to greener alternatives.

Business & Technology

Big Coal buries Obama’s renewable-friendly energy regulator

The president's nominee to lead the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Ron Binz, drops his bid in the face of opposition.


Florida citrus growers binge on pesticides, endangering bees

Florida farmers are dousing their groves with chemicals in a desperate bid to save them from citrus greening disease. But the approach is killing the state's bees.

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