Business & Technology

Instead of buying something this Friday, fix something

Companies like Apple make it difficult to repair your electronics, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.


Watch this insanely cool simulation of deep Antarctic water

This cold, salty abyss is much more interesting than the one you might be experiencing this holiday season.


Forget psychedelics. If you wanna get weird, check out this bioart

Turning genetic technology into a creative medium could help the public see controversial science in a whole new light.


Climate change is gonna be rough on farmers and eaters

And trade might not be much help.

Business & Technology

Hackers are messing with the oil and gas industry

From gas stations to corporate headquarters, oil companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks.


Israeli military offers a death-free experience — for soldiers’ diets, at least

Veganism is on the rise in Israel, and the military is taking note.

Climate & Energy

People want to frack the hell out of this giant piece of tiramisu

The Permian Basin shale field in Texas looks like looks like tiramisu, tastes like money.


Kids in Mexico block a development that would pave over a mangrove forest

This is not a drill: Kids actually won a battle ... for the environment.

Climate & Energy

Pope Francis gets more people to care about climate change

In just a few months, his holiness achieved what environmental activists have been trying to do for years.