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Animal wrongs

Donald Trump might appoint an oil executive and anti-animal rights activist to head the Interior Department.

Forrest Lucas, whose company makes motor oil, recently financed a movie that's critical of animal protection groups.

Grist on the Ground

Inside the camp that’s fighting to stop the Dakota Access pipeline

In North Dakota, one tribe’s fight has sparked a movement.

Through a gas darkly

Obama brags about low gas prices, but he shouldn’t.

First off, he didn't bring the prices down. Second, low prices are bad for the climate.

More arrests

Police arrested another 22 people at the Dakota Access pipeline site.

More than 40 people have been arrested around the construction zone over the past month.

Whose fault is that?

Did the oil industry help to discover a whole new fault line in Oklahoma?

Sure looks like it.

Grist on the Ground

Snapshots from the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance

This week, we witnessed tribal and environmental activists gathering in North Dakota in resistance of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

pipelines and wild rice

Another oil pipeline is dead, raising the stakes for Dakota Access.

The Sandpiper pipeline goes down, leaving both sides to focus attention on Dakota Access.

Protestor with "Stop the Pipeline" sign

TransCanada gets final OK for last leg of Keystone pipeline down middle of U.S.

The northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline is in limbo, but the southern leg is moving right along.