Here’s another episode of ‘Shell Tries Drilling in the Arctic’

In this episode, Shell still hasn't drilled anything -- and time may be running out!

Mr. Romney thinks we should give big oil companies another $3.8 billion a year in tax breaks

Romney is giving oil executives a good reason to vote for him. (Making, by our count, 465,361 such reasons.)

Good news for ExxonMobil investors!

The company made more in one hour over the last three months than three average college grads will make in their lifetimes.

Keystone XL is basically your douchey ex-boyfriend

What would Keystone XL look like as a human being? Probably how he's portrayed in this video.

Chevron announces plans to begin drilling in a free Iraq

Somewhere, George W. Bush breathes a sigh of relief.

Nefarious forces hampering Shell’s Arctic drilling include air, water, ice

First, a ship almost runs aground. Then, the EPA's air pollution standards are a hassle. Now, the company might not get its drilling permits in time. Can't Shell catch a break?

Like a bad gambler, TransCanada promises it will have Nebraska’s money next time

Pipeline operator TransCanada paid 60 percent less in taxes to Nebraska than it promised. But the company says it'll pay more next year!

Oil industry dumping crap in North Dakota. Um, literally.

The oil industry is diversifying the ways in which it pollutes. Hold your nose.

Drug traffickers take advantage of energy-company roads in Texas

We're not saying that the DEA should crack down on ConocoPhillips, but, yeah, the DEA should crack down on ConocoPhillips.