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The latest New York Times exposé won’t stop me from eating organic

The paper of record says consolidation and corporate influence has made the organic label meaningless. The Organic Trade Association says size doesn't matter. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between.

Multinational food corporations thank you for buying ‘organic’

A report from the New York Times makes clear that the organic food industry is dominated by big-name players -- who are also actively working to shift the meaning of "organic."

It’s getting easier for organic farms to get certified

California Certified Organic Farmers and Oregon Tilth plan to merge forces in the coming months, making it easier for organic farms to get and stay certified.

Americans want more fruits and veggies for everyone

A new survey from the Kellogg Foundation says Americans are eating more fresh food and want public institutions to make fruits and vegetables more widely accessible.

Does organic food make you a jerk?

New research says organic food makes you rude and selfish. We investigate this "provocative" study.

Crop yields are only part of the organic vs. conventional farming debate

Sustainable practices yield fewer grain crops, but is that all that matters? One food policy expert responds to a recent news analysis that claims industrial and organic agriculture are equally important.

Farm-connected CSAs should offer more than just ‘veggie subscriptions’

Produce subscription services popping up all over the country lately make it easier to eat local foods than ever. But one farmer asks: Have we lost the real meaning of community-supported agriculture along the way?

Farm Bill 2012

Farm Bill 2012: ‘It’s a mess, but it’s our mess’

Daniel Imhoff, the man who literally wrote the book on food policy, talks about democracy, debate, and why we should feel thankful for the farm bill, even in depressing years like this one.