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Don’t believe the slander: Americans are eating less crap.

But the rich still eat better than the rest.

Feelin' the bern

Bernie Sanders lays out what Democrats should do next

The runner-up in the Democratic race hasn’t given up on impacting the party's platform.


Top architect of climate deal warns against Brexit

Climate advocates say Britain leaving the EU is bad news for the climate.

Well well well

Pennsylvanians are complaining their water is fracked up. Now what?

For those with contaminated wells, state regulators aren’t acting fast enough.

Landfill 'er up?

What’s worse, burning plastic or sending it to a landfill?

When it comes to pesky, non-recyclable plastics, should we bury or burn? Advice maven Umbra Fisk tosses out a few ideas.

nuclear's unclear

Wave goodbye to California’s last nuclear plant

And wave hello to what might become a bigger carbon footprint.

water we doing?

Clean water should be a basic human right. Why are we charging so much for it?

The cost of clean water and wastewater services has risen 41 percent over the last five years.

Climate & Energy

The California drought ain’t over til it’s over (and it’s not over)

Not so fast, everyone: A new study indicates California will be feeling the drought for the next three years.

Oh frack

Obama’s fracking regulations hit a speedbump, not a brick wall

A judge rules that the government is limited in how it regulates fracking, but don't freak out.

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