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Before the EPA, our cities looked like this

The agency protects much more than rural ponds and spotted owls.

this is your brain on nature

Anxious, depressed, distracted — what if the cure is just outside?

Author Florence Williams talks trees, cities, and creativity in her new book "The Nature Fix."

take the lead

Meet 8 black leaders who are reshaping the climate movement

These scientists, activists, and organizers are working to protect our communities.

Trump’s plan to slash the EPA budget is “environmental racism in action”

The proposal targets programs for low-income people, minorities, and indigenous groups.

deja vu

The EPA is more vulnerable now than ever before

Previous attacks from Reagan and Bush have nothing on Trump's.

Here’s how the Standing Rock Sioux will keep fighting Dakota Access — in court

The last, best chance to kill the oil pipeline is a series of legal challenges being pushed by tribes.

Shell’s 1991 climate change film shows just how much it knew

Exxon isn't the only oil giant that ignored the dangers of global warming.

Throwing shade

Mardi Gras beads make a much bigger mess than you’d imagine

The trinkets leave a toxic trail from the Middle East to China to New Orleans. Here's how we could make Mardi Gras beads better.

States are trying to bring science denial to the classroom

Bills in three states may launch an open season on facts.

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