You've got emails

Here are some of the most unnerving things we’ve read so far in those Pruitt emails.

You can now peruse thousands of emails from Scott Pruitt’s time as Oklahoma attorney general.

Louisville is beating urban heat with the help of local faith communities

Some call it environmentalism, some call it creation care.

Action Jackson

Paris Jackson gave the #NoDAPL movement a shout-out at the Grammys.

The daughter of the late Michael Jackson encouraged people to speak out against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Bill is back

Will Bill Nye’s Netflix show actually save the world? I mean, we’ll take anything right now.

"Bill Nye Saves the World" premieres April 21 on Netflix.

TV teaches kids about science — with one glaring exception

Kids might not learn about melting ice caps, but at least they'll know about colossal squid!

If you’re looking for a beacon of hope, read this article about young Dakota Access protesters.

The New York Times Magazine has a stirring story about the Native American teens who started the first Standing Rock resistance camp.

anemone of the state

Trump’s first White House screening was a movie about migration and environmental pollution.

The Pixar movie tells the story of a character with an intellectual disability who travels across a polluted ocean to reunite with her family.

Some Assembly Required

How to get shit done like a good activist

You’re the best advocacy tool you’ve got. Get sharp.

Guest post

What does environmental justice organizing look like in the time of Trump?

Miya Yoshitani of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network talks about how her work is changing post-election -- and how it's not.