art works

How one artist put climate activism on paper

Rachel Schragis pays homage to the People's Climate March in Post-its and ink.

dangerous ground

Another environmental activist was murdered in Brazil — for doing his job.

Luiz Alberto Araújo’s murder raises the country’s death toll for environmental activists to at least 24 this year.

A judge has thrown out Amy Goodman’s riot charges for reporting on Dakota Access.

Tribe members and environmentalists are still getting arrested in droves.

6 years after Deepwater Horizon oil spill, thousands of people are still sick

The disaster took a heavy toll on public health in the Gulf.

Florida governor won’t extend voter deadline, even in a hurricane

Residents were told to evacuate. Now, they might not be able to register to vote.


This young engineer wants to convince you that nuclear power is just what the climate needs

Rachel Slaybaugh is excited about new nuclear startups and confident that nuclear energy can be safe.


Hurricane Matthew has brought the weather deniers out of hiding.

Pro-tip: Don't take life-or-death advice from Matt Drudge.


Meet the woman who’s making Google more sustainable

Kate Brandt, Google's lead for sustainability, tells us what she's excited about right now.


She studies underwater methane-eating microbes that keep our planet in balance. Genius!

Meet biologist and new MacArthur Fellow Victoria Orphan.