Hurricane Matthew has brought the weather deniers out of hiding.

Pro-tip: Don't take life-or-death advice from Matt Drudge.


Meet the woman who’s making Google more sustainable

Kate Brandt, Google's lead for sustainability, tells us what she's excited about right now.


She studies underwater methane-eating microbes that keep our planet in balance. Genius!

Meet biologist and new MacArthur Fellow Victoria Orphan.

Do Your Job

Yeah, Zika’s still a thing — so why won’t Congress pass funding to fight it?

The CDC estimates up to 10,300 pregnant women will contract Zika before year's end. Come on, Congress.


You know you want to be Grist’s newest fellow

Grist is looking for an editorial fellow, a justice fellow, and a video fellow. Apply today!

Road work ahead

Chicago just named a street for an environmental justice hero.

There's now a street called Hazel Johnson EJ Way.

Queer Eye For The Farm Guy

Lesbian farmers are taking over the country, if you believe Rush Limbaugh

The frothy-mouthed radio personality painted a dystopian picture of our agricultural future on his show last week. (Actually, it sounds OK.)

Hot Bods

Enjoy it while you can: Climate change is already hitting the Olympics hard

In hot, polluted places like Rio, you’re actually better off just having a beer than exercising. Really.


Canada’s Trudeau promises to do no harm to First Nations, does harm anyway

His government issues permits for a dam that will permanently alter a way of life.