Climate & Energy

Fracking wells released over 5 billion pounds of methane in one year

They released a whole lot of toxic chemicals, too.

Industrial Evolution

This philosopher has a new definition of “nature,” and it includes traffic jams

Koert van Mensvoort's vision of "Next Nature" doesn't distinguish between what's born and what's built.

Industrial Evolution

Are microbes about to remake manufacturing? This synthetic biologist thinks so

Scientists are already using custom-built microbes to make things like perfumes and food additives.


These Latina activists have novel approaches in the fight against gentrification

Ana Urzua and Melody Gonzalez use wellness and restorative justice to respond to Santa Ana's changes.


Meet the director of the documentary based on Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”

Grist chats with Canadian filmmaker Avi Lewis about the project, political manifestos, and the pope.

Business & Technology

Inventor looks to shake up cleantech with smart solar trackers

Leila Madrone uses her skills in automation and robotics to make solar even better.

The Shark Wrangler

That 15-foot-long tiger shark need wrestling? Leave it to the pros

You probably aren't going to tango with a tiger shark anytime soon -- but David Shiffman does it on a weekly basis, for science.

Climate & Energy

Making the connections on tar-sands pollution, racism, and sexism

Melina Laboucan-Massimo is leading the fight against tar-sands development in Canada -- and for the rights of indigenous women.

The Novices

These first-time fishermen know all the best (and worst) parts of fishing

Andrew and Sophie never planned to be commercial fishermen -- but they tried it for a summer. Here's what they learned.