The Chef

This chef built her reputation on seafood. How’s she feeling about the ocean now?

Seattle chef Renee Erickson weighs in on the world's changing waters, and how they might change her menu.

The Cable Guy

How do you study an underwater volcano? Build an underwater laboratory

John Delaney is taking the internet underwater, and bringing the deep ocean to the public.

The Activist

How much plastic is in our oceans? Ask the woman trying to clean it up

Carolynn Box, environmental program director of 5 Gyres, talks about what it's like to sail across the ocean, pulling up plastic in the middle of nowhere.


Meet the food justice and clean energy advocate who wants to shake up the nonprofit world

Diego Angarita Horowitz is a rising star in the nonprofit world. Now he's adding a business degree to his resume.

The Surfer

How catching big waves helped turn this pro surfer into a conservationist

Ramon Navarro first came to the sea with his fisherman rather, found his own place on it as a surfer, and now fights to protect the coastline he loves.

The Arbiter

What seafood is OK to eat, anyway? Ask an expert

When it comes to sustainable seafood, you could say director of Seafood Watch Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly is the ultimate arbiter of taste.


One of the brothers in the hit documentary “The Wolfpack” gives a damn about the environment

Naryana Angulo spent practically his entire childhood locked in an apartment. Now he's an environmental activist.

Business & Technology

This cleantech expert lays down the facts on solar and natural gas

Jessika Trancik wants to speed up the development of clean energy technologies


Can fiction make people care about climate? Paolo Bacigalupi thinks so

"The Water Knife" author turns drought into drama in his newest book, and teaches us all a thing or two about ourselves.