Climate & Energy

Evil genius takes liberty with maps, floods your city

Andrew David Thaler is a marine scientist by day. But by night, he works his magic with Google maps to show people what their cities will look like if climate change is left unchecked.


The caveman dilemma: Why we take such lousy care of ourselves and our planet

Harvard evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman says we're ill-adapted for the world we've made for ourselves.


Save yourselves: When it comes to climate change, the cavalry isn’t coming

With little or no leadership from above, Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Towns movement, says change has to start at the street level -- and he's seeing it happen.

Climate & Energy

In the hot seat: The NAACP gets into the climate fight

The director of the NAACPs climate justice program talks about why the venerable civil rights organization has taken up the cause.


Moment of roof: Urban farming entrepreneur explains how he got on top

Mohamed Hage is breaking ground in urban ag, feeding cities from a high-tech hydroponic greenhouses on rooftops in Montreal.


L.A.’s Ron Finley wants to make gardening gangsta

The man who says gardening is his graffiti talks about fame, sex, and his diabolical plan to take over the world.


Can bringing wetlands back to our coasts protect us from future megastorms?

Landscape architect Kevin Shanley says human-made marshes can act as buffers against storm surges, but will they be enough to save us from the rising seas?


Black to the land: Project explores connections between race and place

Most African Americans, Caribbean Americans, and African immigrants live in cities. That doesn’t mean they don’t have deep roots.


Pittsburgh’s next mayor sees a green future for the “smoky city”

Bill Peduto says the Steel City is poised for a sustainable revival, thanks to a new generation of Pittsburghers who are pushing for change.