Can bringing wetlands back to our coasts protect us from future megastorms?

Landscape architect Kevin Shanley says human-made marshes can act as buffers against storm surges, but will they be enough to save us from the rising seas?


Black to the land: Project explores connections between race and place

Most African Americans, Caribbean Americans, and African immigrants live in cities. That doesn’t mean they don’t have deep roots.


Pittsburgh’s next mayor sees a green future for the “smoky city”

Bill Peduto says the Steel City is poised for a sustainable revival, thanks to a new generation of Pittsburghers who are pushing for change.


17-year-old sets out to save the planet, makes the rest of us feel really lame

Charles Orgbon became an enviro wunderkind before he was old enough to vote. Mmm hmmm. And what did you do with your youth?

Business & Technology

Bike til it hertz: College kids spin out campus electricity

Middlebury College students have turned their stationary bikes into miniature power plants. A spin on one of these rides will teach you not to take electricity for granted.


“Miracle garden” brings life, and food, to the urban wasteland

For 25 years, a devoted group of residents has tended a garden in a former dumping ground in East Baltimore. Its chief caretaker calls it "God's little acre."


Street-smart seeds: How to grow a garden that feels at home in the city

New York's Zach Pickens resurrects the ancient art of seed saving -- with a focus on plants that thrive on rooftops and fire escapes.


An urban farming oasis is saved from the bulldozer blade

When the city of Cincinnati announced plans to level a deep-rooted urban garden to make way for housing development, locals fought back -- and won.


Lose the girdle: Sustainable ‘Mad Men’ fashion for plus-sized awesome

Anslee Connell is one of the few full-figured designers making her fare out of recycled fabrics. And she hopes her work will empower women to feel good and do something awesome.

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