How green is your candidate? Info on the 2008 presidential contenders

A look at Ralph Nader’s environmental platform and record

Updated 22 Aug 2008 Ralph Nader. Though Ralph Nader is running as an independent and not under the Green Party banner this time around, he still has some serious small-G green cred (at least among those not still livid over …


The money we’ve spent on the five-year Iraq War could have shifted the world to renewables

Today is the five-year anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it that other people haven’t said better. I would just stress one point: People frequently fret that we can’t …

Climate & Energy

Hillary Clinton gives tepid response on question about mountaintop-removal mining

Hillary Clinton was asked about mountaintop-removal mining in an interview on West Virginia public radio (mp3 link) this morning. Her answer was, in my eyes, terribly disappointing. Here it is: I am concerned about it for all the reasons people …

Business & Technology

On oil and the dollar, Bush and McCain acknowledge their own cluelessness

This post was originally published at the just-launched Think Progress Wonk Room, the new public policy rapid-response blog of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Brad Johnson, the climate specialist for the Wonk Room, was a writer for Hill …


Senate candidate shows energy policy promise; rocks at parties

Oregonian candidate for U.S. Senate Steve Novick seems refreshingly up on energy issues: But is he electable? Well, they say Bush got votes because people perceived him as a guy they could relax and have a beer with:

How green is your candidate? Info on the 2008 presidential contenders

An interview with Ralph Nader about his presidential platform on energy and the environment

He brought you the seat belt. He launched a consumer advocacy empire. He got over 2 million votes in the 2000. We interview with Ralph Nader about his presidential platform.


Bush aide: Slightly less than doubling of GDP is ‘recessionary’

Need more proof that Bush will never, ever, in a million gazillion years, sign a decent climate bill? Here’s what his right-hand hack Jim Connaughton had to say ($ub. req’d) about the relatively tepid Lieberman-Warner bill: James Connaughton, the chairman …



James Howard Kunstler, who has a new post-peak-oil novel out this week (World Made by Hand, which I hope to review soon) hits the nail on the head in his weekly commentary:


Global warming could thaw relations between enviros and those who live closest to ‘the environment’

I wasn't particularly planning to continue on the culture war beat, but then, I wasn't expecting Orion Magazine to publish exactly the type of article of which I'd like to see more. In "One Nation Under Elvis," author and environmentalist …