What should I ask Andrew Rice?

In about three hours, at 1pm PST, I’ll be chatting with Andrew Rice, the 34-year-old Okla. state senator and Democratic candidate for Senate in Oklahoma. Yes, that’s the guy running against the 74-year-old Inhofe. You …

A bumper crop of corn

Malawi celebrates, but for how long?

So while the U.S. Farm Bill is out to pasture until 2008, it looks like most commodity subsidies will remain untouched. Agricultural price supports may be the law of the land here, but it's certainly …

Terrific ad

Governors urge federal action on global warming

Just saw this great ad on TV: The background:

Oz fest

Australia national government transforms; conservative party falls apart

UPDATE: Australia’s new government has ratified Kyoto. Wow. That was fast. Though we’ve mentioned them a couple of times in our news stream, I’m not sure I’ve fully appreciated just how seismic recent political changes …

Celebrate good times, come on! No, seriously.

Greens need to learn how to celebrate their friends and their movement

I’ve run into a lot of sentiment along the lines of this comment thread — harumphing about how weak and insufficient the impending energy bill is — and it seems crazy and wrongheaded to me. …

Energy bill back on track?

Pelosi says bill up for vote next week will contain CAFE, RFS, and RES

For days I’ve been hearing that some kind of deal is imminent on the energy bill. There was talk that the Renewable Energy Standard (RES) was going to get dropped, perhaps to be attached to …

Heartland values

Heartland Presidential Forum will allow grassroots activists to ask Dem candidates questions

The Heartland Presidential Forum will take place in Des Moines, Iowa, tomorrow, broadcast live from 2:30 to 5:30 EST on CSPAN1 and webcast live at movementvisionlab.org. Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Kucinich, and Obama will be there. …

RFK Jr. endorses Hillary Clinton for prez

Erstwhile earth-protector Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton for president. Effused Kennedy, “Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to … reverse the potentially devastating effects of global warming.” With her bare …

Rep. Markey on the energy bill