The green gap

A lovely video on Time

Over on Swampland, Ana Marie Cox has a nice video on "the green gap" between the parties, triggering off Grist’s campaign coverage.


The Congressional Budget Office savages the Lieberman-Warner approach to climate change pol

America’s Climate Security Act, the Senate climate bill offered by Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.), offers enormous giveaways to the nation’s biggest polluters, …

Clinton's climate and energy plan

Some reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of Hillary’s new proposal

Efficiency and permit auctions and R&D, oh my! Hillary Clinton released her comprehensive energy and climate plan today. It is thoughtful, comprehensive, and though disappointingly …

Louisiana will crack down on oil industry waste-disposal practices

Oil companies accustomed to a hodgepodge of regulation will soon see stricter oversight from a new initiative in Louisiana, which will pool the resources of …

Farm Bill: Support Dorgan-Grassley

Call your senator today

As most people following the story know by now, the 2007 Farm Bill is looking pretty grim with respect to fundamental reform. The U.S. government …

The advisors speak

A conference call with Clinton’s energy advisors, about her new energy plan

I was just on a conference call with the Clinton campaign’s energy advisors, who were answering questions from the press. A couple of interesting tidbits: …

U.S. Mayors Climate Conference: Bloomberg

Four principles that should guide federal climate change policy

The following was written before and during NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg’s address to the U.S. Mayors Conference on Friday, Nov. 2. Technical problems and, um, …

Hillary Clinton's climate and energy plan

The full text of Clinton’s plan

Here is Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive new climate and energy plan, just introduced: —– Powering America’s Future: Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Address the Energy and Climate …

Hillary's energy speech

Clinton lays out her new energy policy

UPDATE: The full transcript of the speech is here. Hillary is getting ready to unveil her new energy strategy in a speech in Cedar Rapids, …