Taxes and public investment: less intrusive than alternatives

Occasionally, as happened on one of my posts, someone will mention the early 20th century and before as a happy era when small government was the rule. These people are confusing low taxes with small government.

Business & Technology

King Coal’s year of rejection by banks, judges, and a lot of other folks

Earth Policy Institute just released this revelatory chronology of really sad, horrible, and depressing events in the life of the coal industry since February 2007. What's next -- will Santa be switching to lumps of dirt? Feb. 26, 2007: James …


Obama just can’t quit Gore

In response to a question about whether he’d consider Gore for a cabinet position, Obama said: I would. Not only will I, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central …


Seattle mayor proposes fee for paper and plastic bags

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has proposed a 20-cent fee for both paper and plastic bags in grocery, convenience, and drug stores in the city to discourage their use. “The answer to the question ‘Paper or plastic?’ should be ‘Neither,'” Nickels …

Climate & Energy

Porsche launches legal challenge to London’s congestion fee increase

German automaker Porsche has launched a formal legal challenge to London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s scheduled tripling of the city’s congestion fee for the most-polluting vehicles. The increase, slated to take effect in October, would raise the fee for the most-polluting …

Climate & Energy

Obama says he’d consider Gore for climate post in his administration

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said at a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania yesterday that he would consider asking former vice president and current climate superstar Al Gore to assume a cabinet-level position in his administration to help tackle climate …

Climate & Energy

CAP article says it promotes the transition to clean energy

A new article by the Center for American Progress makes clear that the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act [PDF], S. 2191, would be a boon to affordable, job-creating renewable energy. The article, by CAP's Daniel J. Weiss and Alexandra Kougentakis, explains …

Climate & Energy

Joe Barton: Pork lover

Joe Barton (R-Texas) spoke to the U.S. Energy Association yesterday and made it clear ($ub req'd) that he's going to do everything he can to block cap-and-trade legislation from coming out of Congress: As the Democrats move to pass climate …

Climate & Energy

EPA sued over its procrastination

Seventeen states and 11 green groups have sued the U.S. EPA for not yet having made a decision about whether it will regulate greenhouse gases. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday, exactly one year after the Supreme Court ruled that EPA …