New Hampshire results

McCain and Clinton win

I go get my hair cut and look what happens. McCain has won the NH primary with 37 percent to Romney’s 30 percent. That’s roughly what was expected. The huge news, though, is that Clinton …

'His ideas have mirrored John's'

Elizabeth Edwards says her hubby is the man to build a social movement

From Ezra Klein’s short but interesting interview with Elizabeth Edwards: Ezra Klein: The message you seemed to be previewing on Sunday was that Obama’s a great guy, he’s got a great philosophy, really good ideas, …

Warm in NH

Time has a nice little story on the "Eight Keys to New Hampshire." Number six: global warming. It may be Al Gore’s ultimate political triumph: climate change as a key election issue. Everywhere they go …

Turnout in NH


Canadian government rejects panel’s advice to implement carbon tax

Regarding an expert panel’s solicited advice that Canada strongly consider implementing a carbon tax: The Conservative government is just not that into it.

False hopes

Are Obama and Edwards promising ponies?

Hillary Clinton is getting in lots of trouble for some recent comments, but I suspect that while her message is politically doomed, there’s some truth to it. Some background: At the debate, Clinton said that …

What does California's climate bill mandate?

Does AB 32 call for maximizing emission reductions or minimizing costs?

California’s pioneering climate legislation, the Global Warming Solutions Act, or AB 32, caps the state’s emissions at 1990 levels by 2020. That’s the headline, anyway. But the bill contains other interesting statutory language. For one …

New Hampshire prediction, guaranteed accurate to the tenth decimal

Obama by 8, McCain by 3. Clinton in second, Edwards in third. Romney in second, Huckabee in third.

China announces ban on super-thin plastic bags, fees for others

China has announced a ban on super-thin plastic bags in the country as well as a fee for other plastic bags, both beginning on June 1. The ban was prompted by the usual plastic-bag concerns …