Cap-and-trade and a carbon tax: two great tastes, but do they taste great together?

And if not, why not?

A journalist of some renown called me last week to ask a question: would it be possible to do both a cap-and-trade program and a carbon tax? Al Gore famously urged that approach, but this journo had heard from other (reliable) sources that it’s not possible. My instinctive answer was yeah, sure, there’s no reason you couldn’t do it. (I mean, there are a gazillion political reasons it’s impossible, but there’s no technical or regulatory reason you couldn’t do it.) Is that right? Do any of you smart folk out there know of any reason you couldn’t implement the two …

Trade in the Shade

Bush allows Democrats to attach eco-protections to trade agreements If the Decider isn’t careful, he’s going to become the Compromiser. Last week, President Bush and congressional Democrats worked out a deal that will attach environmental and labor protections to trade accords in the works with Colombia, Panama, Peru, and South Korea. The compromise will require U.S. trading partners to comply with international environmental agreements and enforce their own existing green laws. No doubt following the shining lead of the U.S. Ahem. Administration officials hope the agreement will have a ripple effect, allowing future trade bills to sneak through even a …

Tancredo’s fictions

Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo was asked, "what’s the latest work of fiction you’ve read?" His answer: An Inconvenient Truth. Guess that goes on his fiction shelf right next to Darwin’s Origin of Species. More at Tancredo Watch.

‘Eco-terrorism': Are they really terrorists?

A federal judge will hear arguments tomorrow, and her ruling will have enormous implications. It’s one of those forks in the road: do we continue down the path toward a police state, or unclench our post-9/11 butts a little and remember that sometimes a misguided a**hole with a dogma and a book of matches is just a misguided a**hole with a dogma and a book of matches?

Ah ha

California is suing the federal government over weak fuel-efficiency standards. No wonder the Bush administration made a big to-do of announcing its tepid alternative fuels plan today (even though nothing would happen with it until 2008). Rove’s trying to capture the news cycle. (thanks LL) Update [2007-5-14 13:49:14 by David Roberts]: Pure coincidence! Q The event today about CAFE standards, when did that get added to the schedule? MR. SNOW: Today. I mean, we’ve been discussing it for some time, but we made it official today. Q Well, I’m just wondering why — sort of what’s the thinking behind doing …

Chip on NOW

PBS interviews them some Grist

Here’s Grist Supreme Leader Chip Giller on PBS’ Now:

U.S. pushing to weaken G8 climate declaration

This is getting old

Next month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will convene a summit of the G8 countries, which will issue a joint declaration on climate change. Here’s how that’s going: A draft proposal dated April 2007 that is being debated in Bonn, Germany, this weekend by senior officials of the Group of Eight includes a pledge to limit the global temperature rise this century to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as an agreement to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions to 50 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. The United States is seeking to strike that section, the documents show. Oh, and this: The …

‘Eco-terrorism': the latest

This is some scary sh*t.

Pombo continues his Hack Quest

Won’t run for Congress, but will shill

It’s official: Richard "Dick" Pombo (R-Nowhere) will not be attempting to reclaim the House seat he lost to Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.). The nation may breathe a sigh of relief. (McNerney’s probably effed anyway, though — after all, it’s still an extremely conservative district.) You may recall that upon losing Pombo went almost immediately through the revolving door to scummy PR and lobbying firm Pac/West. As that did not satisfy his insatiable hunger for hackery, he has now added a new line to his resume: National Chairman of the Partnership for America, a scummy astroturf lobbying group. I’ve come to …

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