Plans to boost energy efficiency start getting traction in Congress

What’s not to love about energy efficiency? It’s the paradigmatic win-win scenario — save money, protect the climate and broader environment, and reduce reliance on unsavory sources of energy, all in one fell swoop. As efficiency guru Amory Lovins puts it [PDF], “Using energy more efficiently offers an economic bonanza — not because of the benefits of stopping global warming, but because saving fossil fuel is a lot cheaper than buying it.” But until recently, energy efficiency has had about as much sex appeal as, well, Amory Lovins. While Congress has tacked a smattering of appliance efficiency standards onto omnibus …

Barack Tease

Obama pledges to save the civilized world with baby steps “This is our generation’s moment to save future generations from global catastrophe,” declared Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in a speech on Friday. He heralded a “grassroots effort to make America greener and end the tyranny of oil.” And just as greens were up on their collective tippie-toes, primed for a collective Obamagasm, he … proposed a small boost in U.S. vehicle fuel-efficiency standards. Oh. Obama’s “National Low Carbon Fuel Standard,” which would federalize vehicle emissions standards put forward by California and since adopted by eight other states, would lower …

Another day, another carbon trading scandal

Gee whiz

The London Times covers a carbon trading scandal in in India. Like our own New York Times, they bury the lede: BRITISH companies are handing over millions of pounds to an Indian chemical plant so that western firms can continue to pump out thousands of tons of greenhouse gases.