New CIA campus goes green

The CIA has apparently been green for years — yet somehow, nobody managed to find out. But the secret-keepers’ Chantilly, Va., campus was just outed as neerg gniog (that’s code for “going green”). The new campus is LEED certified and …


Notable quotable

“Maybe we’re wrong.” — the Nader 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee, getting halfway there


No such thing as a feebate lunch

Remember that cool experiment in feebates that was about to pass through California’s Assembly? Guess not.


On the Schwarzenegger endorsement

There is speculation all over the place about a Schwarzenegger endorsement. "Sources" tell CNN that he’ll endorse McCain tomorrow. McCain’s a gimmee for Arnie — another maverick Republican who supports action on global warming. And since it looks increasingly likely …

Business & Technology

Senators include clean-energy incentives in economic stimulus bill

More than 40 senators, of both the Democrat and Republican persuasion, got behind a successful effort to include green-job boosting and renewable-energy incentives in the Senate version of an economic stimulus package. The legislation passed markup in the Finance Committee …

Climate & Energy

Judicial ethics and global warming

Community Rights Counsel has spent much of the last decade researching and documenting undue, anti-environmental corporate influence on the federal judiciary, exposing the proliferation of privately-funded junkets billed as "judicial education seminars." Through reports such as 2004's Tainted Justice, we've …

Climate & Energy

Barbara Boxer is on the hunt …

… for 60 votes (sub rqd) to overcome the inevitable filibuster of Lieberman-Warner. Meanwhile, Friends of the Earth — the only green group to come out against L-W early and consistently — has launched a “fix it or ditch” campaign …

Climate & Energy

Obama joins Illinois legislators pushing to revive FutureGen

When the DOE announced it was yanking support for FutureGen, I wondered where Obama would come down on it. Pro-Illinois, or pro-green-coal-haters? Here’s our answer: Nine members of Illinois’ congressional delegation are urging President Bush to keep the FutureGen clean-coal …


More on the powerful legacy Edwards leaves behind in the presidential race

So Edwards dropped out today. (Jockeying has already begun to secure his endorsement.) Here is his graceful announcement: Here is Grist’s factsheet on Edwards’ environmental record; here is our interview with Edwards. It’s practically become a cliche, but it is …