The IPCC: conservative?

A case can be made

Is the fourth assessment report from the IPCC a conservative document? David Biello makes the case.

NYT on Waxman hearing

Here’s an account of Waxman’s hearing from NYT’s Revkin (who got this whole story going last year) and Wald. I think it supports my basic contention that nothing big happened, just a lot of quibbling over whether or not Cooney should have been editing. (An updated version.)

Final reflections on this morning's Waxman hearing

Quit arguing about the science already

I just got done talking with Betsy Rosenberg at EcoTalk about the Waxman hearings. More on that in a sec, but first of all: EcoTalk is one of the only national radio shows that focuses purely on environmental issues. It’s a fantastic source of commentary and ideas on green topics. Right now, the show’s in a bit of a crisis and needs to raise a chunk of money by the end of the week. Please read this and consider helping out of you can. Now, the hearing. I missed the beginning — a good chunk of the Cooney and Deutsch …

Wednesday must-see TV

Gore and Inhofe, mano-a-wacko

If you thought today's fireworks were entertaining, wait for Wednesday. Gore will address the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Gore and Inhofe, mano-a-mano. Or, more accurately, mano-a-wacko. Pass the popcorn.

Spencer's testimony at Waxman committee


Ah. It’s clear that Roy Spencer’s sole role before the committee is to establish that "Clinton did it too." Also, he’s whining that Hansen was allowed to say whatever he wanted and he had to keep his skepticism to himself. When the stories broke he said he was happy they were finally asking Hansen to obey the rules. Also, he’s making the (by now familiar) claim that any skeptical scientist is bullied. Oh, look, now he’s citing Roger Pielke Jr.’s testimony! That established that everyone mixes science and politics, so why should we pick on the Bush administration? I’m sure …

Ideas should trump personalities

Don’t shoot the messengers

All social movements are susceptible to the "cult of personality." This is always dangerous. Not only are individuals invariably fallible, and never live up to the "purity standards" often imposed on them, but it is their message that is most important, not the messengers.

Videos from Waxman hearing

Good fun

Here’s Waxman’s opening: And here’s Welch v. Deutsch:


Dispatch from San Francisco

I saw Barack Obama speak in San Francisco this weekend. In his standard stump speech (I assume, anyway), he spoke for 45 minutes, without notes, with passion. As he wryly noted, he's very articulate. Healthcare and education were the themes he stressed the most. He spoke starkly of the need to confront climate change, and referenced briefly the opportunities and benefits of investing in "alternative technologies." That said, I didn't get the sense that it is an animating passion of his. This election cycle, people want to fall in love. And on that front at least, he's got the goods. A personable, warm, and impressive man.

The Waxman hearing ...


… is streaming live. Drama! Update [2007-3-19 8:57:46 by David Roberts]: Wow, this is squirm-inducing. Deutsch is on the stand. He is getting drilled. One member of the committee actually offered him a chance to apologize to Hansen. Update [2007-3-19 9:1:28 by David Roberts]: Oh, man. Chris Shays talking-points-I-got-from-some-right-wing-staffer vs. James Hansen I-know-WTF-I’m-talking-about. Advantage: Hansen. Update [2007-3-19 9:21:54 by David Roberts]: Oh lordy, they’re back on Deutsch. Van Hollen is stringing him along. Deutsch said they had “media practices” that “even Mr. Hansen will admit he didn’t always follow.” Then Van Hollen reads him his own words: he was concerned …

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