Gag, You’re It

Congress revisits issue of feds messing with climate science You’ve seen this show before, but now it’s bigger, longer, and uncut: a heated hearing in Congress has exposed dark truths about federal interference with climate …

What You Herd Is Not What I Meant

Bush administration reinterprets Endangered Species Act The Bush administration has quietly issued a new spin on the Endangered Species Act that would have the feds protect imperiled animals and plants only in places where they’re …

The IPCC: conservative?

A case can be made

Is the fourth assessment report from the IPCC a conservative document? David Biello makes the case.

NYT on Waxman hearing

Here’s an account of Waxman’s hearing from NYT’s Revkin (who got this whole story going last year) and Wald. I think it supports my basic contention that nothing big happened, just a lot of quibbling …

Final reflections on this morning's Waxman hearing

Quit arguing about the science already

I just got done talking with Betsy Rosenberg at EcoTalk about the Waxman hearings. More on that in a sec, but first of all: EcoTalk is one of the only national radio shows that focuses …

Wednesday must-see TV

Gore and Inhofe, mano-a-wacko

If you thought today's fireworks were entertaining, wait for Wednesday. Gore will address the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Gore and Inhofe, mano-a-mano. Or, more accurately, mano-a-wacko. Pass the popcorn.

Spencer's testimony at Waxman committee


Ah. It’s clear that Roy Spencer’s sole role before the committee is to establish that "Clinton did it too." Also, he’s whining that Hansen was allowed to say whatever he wanted and he had to …

Ideas should trump personalities

Don’t shoot the messengers

All social movements are susceptible to the "cult of personality." This is always dangerous. Not only are individuals invariably fallible, and never live up to the "purity standards" often imposed on them, but it is their message that is most important, not the messengers.

Videos from Waxman hearing

Good fun

Here’s Waxman’s opening: And here’s Welch v. Deutsch:

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