Brawl in the family

Environmentalists split over Jay Faison and his push for “conservative clean energy”

Mega-donor Faison is backing Republicans who support his preferred energy approach. Is that helping or hurting the climate cause?


Protests over Texas high-speed rail take a turn for the ridiculous

Texans don’t want your newfangled trains, Japan.

Election 2016

Clinton’s army of energy advisers towers over Trump’s

Clinton’s team has enormous size advantage over Trump.

L.A. Story

Climate could be pivotal in this congressional race between two California Democrats

Nanette Barragán is running as a climate hawk, while Isadore Hall has a history of taking big contributions from the oil industry.

Dump Trump, EPA edition

Republican EPA chiefs endorse Clinton, bash Trump

William D. Ruckelshaus and William K. Reilly are particularly frustrated by Trump's refusal to address climate change.

Urban myths

Trump’s economic plan won’t save Detroit or any other struggling cities

Huge tax cuts for the rich would not spur growth in manufacturing jobs.


The right now wants a “Clexit,” because Brexit went so well

Climate change deniers launch a campaign to stop the Paris agreement.

subsidie another day

A Tea Party conservative just lost to a Trump supporter, because farm subsidies

Tim Huelskamp’s loss in Kansas has big implications for the farm bill, and the conservative movement.

Men Again

Who said it: Donald Trump or Jonathan Franzen?

Trump and Franzen both love birds -- and hearing themselves talk.