roe v. wake up, sheeple

When it comes to abortion, trust that women know what they want.

A new study gives us evidence that women who choose to get abortions are actually quite certain in their decision.

Power Move

Clinton would veto any attempt to overturn the Clean Power Plan, says her campaign chair.

Clinton will go to the wall to defend Obama's signature environmental achievement, according to John Podesta.

The truth is out there

The Podesta email leak sheds more light on his UFO fixation and cooking skills than anything else.

Let's not miss the real story here.

Miami heat

We finally heard what Clinton sounds like when she digs in on climate.

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton appeared side-by-side in a Miami campaign stop that framed the climate-change challenge in an unusually optimistic light.

You call this justice?

This coal baron is running for governor of West Virginia — and he owes millions in mine safety penalties.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Justice also isn't convinced that climate change is happening.

Hit me baby, one Gore time

Al Gore wants to convince millennials to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The former veep and long-time climate activist will campaign with Clinton in Florida on Tuesday.

bone heads

Our newest American hero is the only person who’s asked about energy policy in the debates.

We don’t eat the meat, but we sure like the Ken Bone.

Low energy

We fact-checked what Trump and Clinton said about energy at the debate

Donald Trump told a few lies about energy during Sunday's debate, while Hillary Clinton reiterated her warm feelings for natural gas.

Election 2016

Trump wants to keep burning coal for 1,000 years.

Despite a short exchange on energy, climate change continues to be marginalized on the debate stage.