Climate & Energy

All eyes are on Seattle as it fights Shell’s dirty Arctic plans

"Kayaktivists" are taking to the water this weekend to protest Shell's decision to moor its Arctic drilling rig at Seattle's port.

Climate & Energy

6 ways to promote economic equality and climate action at the same time

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and other liberal Democrats have unveiled a new progressive agenda. Here’s how to make it even stronger and greener.


Is America ready for a vegetarian president?

GOP candidate Ben Carson may be a Tea Party favorite, but his red-state leanings don't extend to red meat.


House Republicans do their part to commemorate National Women’s Health Week



Texas doesn’t give a damn about your reproductive rights

The majority of women in Texas encounter some sort of barrier to accessing reproductive healthcare.


Chris Christie accepts the reality of climate change — and doesn’t want to do a damn thing about it

The presidential wannabe isn't a climate denier, yet he opposes cap-and-trade and just about anything else that might curb emissions.

Climate & Energy

Why it’s a bad idea to tax people for every mile they drive

Oregon will soon test a vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) tax as a possible replacement for a gas tax. If you care about climate change, it’s the wrong way to go.

harsh toke

Sorry to harsh your mellow, but that pot isn’t pesticide-free

Turns out marijuana and pesticide regulations are harder to figure out than a stoned 7/11 purchase.

put a (nuva) ring on it

No, really, your birth control is supposed to be free now

Some insurance providers still aren't eliminating copays for birth control, and that's dumb.