Comedians and activists call out California governor in anti-fracking ad campaign

The activists want Jerry Brown to ban fracking in the Golden State.

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Obama’s top environmental official on the Paris attacks, climate change, and national security

Two weeks before the Paris climate talks, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says the U.S. is serious about taking action.

No, you’re not paranoid: The Koch brothers really are spying on you

The billionaire industrialists have their very own surveillance team that's spying on the left.

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Following Shell, another oil company pulls out of Arctic

The Norwegian oil company Statoil abandons drilling plans in the the Chuckchi Sea.

Climate & Energy

No, Obama’s Clean Power Plan won’t raise your electric bills, no matter what conservatives say

In fact, the new rules can be expected to lower people’s bills across the entire country, a new report finds.


U.S. public transportation sucks, and this is why

Ever spent 45 minutes waiting for a delayed bus? Watch our video to find out why -- and how to make that bus work better.

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This climate denier just can’t wait to debut his “documentary” in Paris

Marc Morano, who's made a career out of spreading climate misinformation, has a new film, "Climate Hustle." Check out this trailer.

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4 reasons why we can and must fight terrorism and poverty through climate action

An effective global climate stabilization project will serve as a powerful tool for combatting global poverty and unrest.

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New hottie Canadian prime minister essentially kills Northern Gateway pipeline

Another nasty pipeline bites the dust.