Turns out, Americans love their nanny-state lunches

A new poll suggests that school lunches are actually getting less terrible.

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How to make people care about climate change? Tell it one story at a time

Organizer Christine Cordero explains how storytelling can supercharge your activism.

Climate & Energy

EPA wants the oil and gas sector to stop leaking so much methane

The agency proposed new standards for methane emissions, but critics say they don't go far enough.

Clinton comes out against Arctic drilling

Her move comes one day after the Obama administration gave Shell the final go-ahead to drill in the region.

Climate & Energy

Obama gives Shell the final OK to drill in the Arctic

This time it's for real: The oil giant has all the permits it needs to begin deep drilling off the coast of Alaska.

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Stop trashing the climate! EPA’s new plan would crack down on landfills

The latest component of Obama's climate plan aims to cut methane emissions from garbage by one third.

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Here’s where every single presidential candidate stands on Keystone — except Hillary Clinton

Rumor has it that Obama will reject the Keystone pipeline soon. We've rounded up the positions of all the people running to replace him.

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Kids sue Obama over climate change

A youth coalition argues that the federal government shouldn't be supporting the fossil fuel industry.


Al Gore for president? People are talking

There's speculation that the former veep and climate hero might run one more time, but Gore himself has been silent.