Trump’s new energy adviser is exactly the kind of guy you think he is

He’s a climate skeptic who proposed a bill to run gas pipelines through national parks.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what Obama’s new methane rule won’t cover

A whole lot of methane — but it’s still better than anything we’ve got so far.

Climate & Energy

Gates Foundation quietly dumps all of its BP stock

Bill Gates has criticized the fossil fuel divestment movement, but he’s selling off oil shares anyway.


T. Boone Pickens backs Trump, expects to be dead by the time country collapses

The 87-year-old oil billionaire used to oppose Trump, but now he’s ready to say what the heck.

Climate & Energy

Obama’s latest climate move: Cracking down on methane from fracking

The EPA has just finalized rules that will limit methane pollution for the first time ever.


Will Uber and Lyft learn anything from their defeat in Austin?

If the ride-hailing companies are smart, they'll start to work with local governments instead of trying to bully them into submission.

Business & Technology

Keystone pipeline still a pain in nation’s butt

Pipeline boosters just won’t give up. Now they've joined a lawsuit arguing that Obama shouldn’t have rejected Keystone.

Climate & Energy

Even with the Arctic out, offshore drilling isn’t slowing down

The Gulf of Mexico is a goldmine for offshore oil.


Stephen Colbert takes on Trump’s bizarre antics in coal country

The late-night host analyzes Trump’s coal-mining dance, strange hand gestures, and outdated hairspray obsession.