Climate & Energy

Can you turn climate change activism into a game? Here’s how we’ll find out

A new campaign called Get Loud aims to motivate teens to spread the word on climate by getting them to earn points toward prizes.

Ben Carson gets called out on climate cluelessness by Iowa voter

A voter questioned Carson's commitment to science. His answer was predictably unilluminating.

The seas are swallowing South Florida. Where’s Marco Rubio?

Rubio, a Miami native, is still silent on climate change -- even though rising sea levels are already affecting life in his city.


How the Koch brothers grew their tentacles

Jane Mayer's new book traces the story of the conservative billionaires who are trying to reshape the American political landscape.

Jeb Bush pins his hopes for a climate solution on some dude in a garage

Keep hoping, Jeb.

Elizabeth Warren: It’s time to focus on the crimes of the rich and powerful

A new report from the Massachusetts senator hits the Obama administration for being lax on corporate crime.


It’s been a crazy week for fights over abortion and sandwiches

One of the most infuriating things a man can say to a woman is “make me a sandwich.” I mean, what even is a sandwich?

Bernie tells it like it is to teenage climate denier

The presidential hopeful did not mince words at a high school in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate to oppose fracking

But even if he made it to the White House, he wouldn't actually be able to stop most of it.