Nein Rand

Rand Paul is no moderate on climate change

Don't believe the media hype. Paul is right in line with his party on this one.


Tea Party hires actors to feign indignation over plan to save Everglades

They couldn’t find real people to do Big Sugar’s bidding, so they had to pay $75 each to faux protesters.

Climate & Energy

Why more pipelines won’t solve the problem of oil-train explosions

Heavy regulation of oil trains will.


Jerry Brown tells climate deniers to wake up and smell the drought

"With the weather that's happening in California, climate change is not a hoax. We're dealing with it, and it's damn serious," said the state's governor.

Climate & Energy

5 years after a deadly coal mine disaster, what’s changed?

As the trial winds up for former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship, Coal Country is going through tectonic shifts.

share the power

This affordable housing complex has a solar farm on its roof

A community solar project in Seattle is powering the real sharing economy.


Want to fix the climate? First, we have to change everything

Gar Alperovitz worked within the systems that helped pass civil rights legislation and launch Earth Day. Today, he says, those systems are closed for business.


What do conservative policy intellectuals think about climate change?

Some respected conservative writers and think tank scholars have more interesting things to say about climate policy than you might think.

Climate & Energy

Hello, state lawmakers: Want to ignore climate change? Prepare to lose FEMA funding

New FEMA guidelines could push states to consider how climate change will affect their communities in order to gain access to funding.

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