Republic of Empiricism

Scientists aren’t just marching, they’re running for office.

Scientists have long sought to distance themselves from politics. Looks like that's starting to change, thanks to Trump.

guest analysis

Here’s why the “Climategate 2” scandal is bunk

For the last time, there was no global warming hiatus.

Not-so-great expectations

Watch out: Notorious climate denier Lamar Smith is fixated on “Making EPA Great Again.”

At a hearing on Tuesday, he's expected to push a bill limiting the kinds of science EPA can use.

The plan to make the EPA “great again” isn’t so great for science

Lamar Smith, chair of the House Science Committee, intends to do anything but.

Oy Survey!

Just one-quarter of Trump voters think climate change is caused by humans.

Compare that to 90 percent of Clinton voters and 65 percent of general Americans.

The Resistance to Trump is real, and it’s been busy

Climate hawks have been at the forefront.

Maryland, Maryland, quite contrary-land

Maryland lawmakers have pushed past their governor’s veto to embrace renewable power.

It's not all about Washington, D.C. States continue to move forward on climate and clean energy initiatives.

Week Two brings more enemies of the environment to Team Trump

Second verse, same as the first.

Who run the world?

Sweden’s climate minister just trolled Trump in the most excellent way.

After signing a new climate law, she posted an epic photograph that many on social media interpreted as a jab at President Trump.