Good show, old sports

Britain’s most powerful politicians agree fighting climate change is a jolly good idea

The leaders of the country’s three major parties signed a joint pledge to aggressively fight climate change and phase out the use of coal.


USDA goes FBI on crooks who sell gross meat and run cons on food stamps

Sure, government swindlers and food stamp fraudsters are alarming. But we're catching a lot of them -- and, often, getting the money back.

Climate & Energy

“More research” into geoengineering is not such a hot idea

In the geoengineering debate, "just research" is the default position of Serious People. But it's more problematic than they acknowledge.

Climate & Energy

8 ways Obama sucks on climate

Think he’s doing all he can? Au contraire. Again and again, the president encourages fossil fuel exploitation and goes soft on polluters.

Climate Hawk Down

Kitzhaber is on his way out, but expect Oregon to keep being a green leader

The resigning governor has been an outspoken climate advocate. Fortunately, he’ll be replaced by a liberal Democrat who’s likely to embrace climate action too.

Climate & Energy

These countries are making polluters pay

By next year, nearly half of global GDP will be covered by cap-and-trade programs.

Climate & Energy

Protests, oil prices add fuel to the divestment fire

Sit-ins make the moral case for universities to dump their fossil fuel investments, but the collapse of oil prices adds a push from the invisible hand.

Fifty states of play

The fight over Obama’s Clean Power Plan heats up in the states

States are charged with implementing Obama's carbon rule for power plants. Which ones will cooperate and which ones won't?

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