Climate & Energy

Obama is paving the way for success in Paris

Thanks to the president’s diplomacy with developing countries, a global climate deal is a lot closer than seemed possible a year ago.

Climate & Energy

States are polluting less and their economies are doing just fine

Even as power plant pollution has decreased in a big majority of states, economic growth has continued, a new report finds.

Climate & Energy

Ted Cruz wants NASA to concentrate on space

The GOP presidential hopeful wants to learn more about faraway worlds. Our planet, not so much.

Climate & Energy

Stop trying to put climate change in a box

A new report argues that tackling a warming world means taking a holistic approach.

Climate & Energy

Here’s more evidence that cutting CO2 pollution can be good for the economy

The Northeast’s cap-and-trade program, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, generated $1.3 billion in economic benefits over three years.

Climate Finance

How development banks can help restore faith in a Paris climate deal

An initiative by the World Bank and others could make funding for climate change adaptation more transparent.

Climate & Energy

The South still doesn’t have any wind farms — but that’s about to change

The Southeastern U.S. lags the rest of the country on renewables, but a new wind project in North Carolina could be a sign of changing times.

Climate & Energy

NYC is looking to buy a whole lot of clean energy

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to power all city government operations with renewables within 10 years.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is a security threat. Make it a foreign policy priority

The Department of Defense agrees—so why aren't foreign policy officials on board yet?