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Small California towns are facing off against oil companies — and winning

Local activists are succeeding where the national movement has failed.

So you want to revive rural America. Try wind turbines, not coal mines.

Why is Trump ignoring these jobs?

Meet the fixer: This politician reps bipartisan climate action.

Science denial is a basic tenet of today’s GOP. Carlos Curbelo makes the Republican case for climate solutions.

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Scott Pruitt kinda sorta maybe gets that carbon dioxide contributes to warming.

Scientists know the climate is changing—and that humans are contributors.

Trump wants to block a court ruling on the Clean Power Plan. The court shouldn’t let him.

The Trump administration's reasons for preventing a decision just don't hold water.

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Trump’s executive order hurts local climate action, too

Halting federal efforts is only the tip of the iceberg.

Trump’s latest environmental evildoing: More pollution, less protection

With a single order, the president did more climate damage than during his previous 67 days in office.

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These two bills would make it harder for the EPA to do good science.

The bills — recently passed by the House — in theory advocate for more transparency, but in practice would serve mainly to gum up the works at the agency. The HONEST Act — or the Honest and Open New EPA …

broken promises

Forget the war on coal. The war is on miners.

Coal workers are exposed to toxins on the job, and now, their health care is at risk.