You can’t blame immigrants for California’s drought

Xenophobes are trying to seize the drought to push their anti-immigration agenda, but their arguments fall flat.


One mom’s fight to make Seattle’s most polluted neighborhood greener

DeVona Lahrman is leading a crusade to get kids more safe places to play outside in the heart of the city's industrial district.

An open letter to the president

McKibben to Obama: You still have time to be a climate champion — but not much

In an open letter to President Obama, Bill McKibben argues that the White House should take strong steps to change the carbon game -- right now.


America’s new poet laureate is the son of migrant farmworkers

Herrera's new designation comes at a time when immigration and farmworker rights are very much hot topics across the country.

Climate & Energy

How secret right-wing donors funneled $125 million to groups opposing climate action

Anonymous conservatives poured money into Donors Trust, and Donors Trust in turn poured it into groups that oppose CO2 regulations and clean energy.


Pittsburgh screwed its residents by hiring a private water manager

A lawsuit against the company that manages Pittsburgh's water -- and that has cut residents off based on erroneous bills -- shows the downside of privatization.


Tent cities: Seattle’s unique approach to homelessness

To hold back a rising tide, Seattle has embraced an approach that other cities have outlawed.

A Tom Steyer for the right?

This Republican plans to spend $175 million trying to get his party to care about climate change

Jay Faison, a wealthy businessman, wants to get conservatives and moderates on board with "free-market" solutions to climate change.


Lots of crazy claims about soda taxes. Which panned out?

Now that the experiment with taxing sugary drinks is underway, we look at which arguments by backers and opponents have come true -- and which were hot air.