6 crucial EPA programs on Trump’s chopping block

The administration has big plans to slash environmental protections.

slash and burn

Proposed NOAA cuts would make predicting extreme weather even harder.

And you thought predicting the weather was already difficult.

How to push climate action forward in the Trump era

Lessons learned from working in the Obama administration will still be critical during the next four years.

Before the EPA, our cities looked like this

The agency protects much more than rural ponds and spotted owls.

best buds

Big oil just got a pass on methane reporting.

The EPA scuttled an effort to collect information on methane.

World wide woes

It looks like Scott Pruitt has a damn email problem, too.

Pruitt told Congress he only used his government email for official business, but ...

here be data

These maps show what Americans think about climate change.

A full 70 percent of survey respondents acknowledge that global warming is happening.

Trump’s plan to slash the EPA budget is “environmental racism in action”

The proposal targets programs for low-income people, minorities, and indigenous groups.

deja vu

The EPA is more vulnerable now than ever before

Previous attacks from Reagan and Bush have nothing on Trump's.