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Nationwide GMO labeling bills have another Groundhog Day

Since a GOP-controlled Congress is unlikely to embrace the mandatory labeling some Democrats support, don't hold your breath on this one.

Climate & Energy

Big Oil is desperate for your love. Watch their silly plea in this insane video

Divestment means breaking up with fossil fuels. We're ready to move on.

Let's burst their bubble

Naomi Klein on the power of fossil fuel divestment

Taking our money out of oil and coal companies is just the start, says Klein. We also want to nationalize the companies and seize their profits.


Republicans can’t win Latinos while ignoring climate change

The GOP thinks Hispanics should be natural conservatives. Problem is, most Hispanics want climate action and most Republicans don’t.

Climate & Energy

Why Obama’s new transportation plan is pointless, in 16 tweets

We asked our resident transportation wonk, Ben Adler, to write about the administration's "Beyond Traffic" report. Here's what he did instead.

Making a list, checking it twice?

The FBI is targeting tar-sands activists. Should that worry you?

Activists from around the U.S. report a spate of unexplained visits by FBI agents in recent months.

Climate & Energy

Scientists are pretty nervous about geoengineering

The most comprehensive study to date on geoengineering says we probably shouldn't do it -- at least not yet.

Climate & Energy

Who needs Keystone when you could build a tar-sands pipeline through Alaska?

The oil industry and its political lackeys are cooking up a new scheme to get Alberta's oil to coastal ports.

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