Greener pastures

A top environmental activist isn’t so sure about the Green Party presidential candidate’s green cred.

Jane Kleeb questions Jill Stein's commitment to the cause.

Moore’s flaw

This Trump advisor might be even more confused about climate and energy than Trump himself

Stephen Moore thinks we don’t need to clean up our energy system -- we can just plant more trees.

the golden slate

California governor signs historic climate bill

The state just took a huge step in the fight against climate change.

make america nate again

Nathan Johnsons battle it out for the vice presidency.

NPR put together a spot tracking down Nathan Johnsons after presidential candidate Evan McMullin put the name down as a placeholder for his Veep.

The smog of war

Surprise! Climate change did not come up at this week’s presidential forum on national security.

Neither Clinton nor Trump mentioned it, even though global warming is a bigger threat to human life than terrorism.

Hunger aims

Way too many Americans have to worry about feeding themselves.

Things are getting better, but they are still embarrassingly bad.


Burning trees for electricity is a bad idea

The "forest products industry" is trying to paint industrial wood-fired power plants as clean. They’re not.

Pay to play

The coal industry paid for meetings with state attorneys general to discuss fighting the Clean Power Plan.

And then a group of mostly Republican attorneys general filed suit against the plan. Coincidence?

Put your money where your mouth is

Major corporations that claim to support climate action are funding politicians who oppose it.

The hypocritical companies include Google, AT&T, DuPont, and PepsiCo.