Climate & Energy

Climate and energy feature heavily in national debate — in Canada

Meanwhile down south, GOP candidates debated license plates.


Bernie Sanders watched the Republican debate so we didn’t have to

In case you're wondering if anyone talked about climate change or energy, no, they didn't.


The first GOP debate was just 7 adult babies yelling into the void

Each of the bottom seven candidates appeared to really believe that he or she will be the next president. Loony! Cute, but loony.


Watch Jon Stewart roast climate deniers — and more classic moments from The Daily Show

Jon Stewart's 16-year reign at The Daily Show is ending. Here are some classic green moments from the show.

Climate & Energy

Here’s how a Republican president could undermine the Clean Power Plan

Will Obama's new climate rules for power plants make a difference? That all depends on the next occupant of the White House.


Jeb comes out against ethanol mandate, Iowa be damned

The presidential candidate thinks it's time for the renewable fuel standard to end.


No, the fight over Planned Parenthood is not over

If you'd like to go ahead and cryogenically freeze yourself to get away from this absurd saga, don't bother.

Climate & Energy

Map: Stacking up the states under the Clean Power Plan

Check out how the new emission rate reduction targets vary across the country.

Climate & Energy

Obama gets personal as he talks about climate change and clean air

The president gave an unusually passionate speech as he unveiled his Clean Power Plan, complete with an anecdote from his college years.