Racism stands in the way of Obama’s push for affordable housing

Low-density zoning is often really about keeping non-whites from moving in. But that gives the federal government power to fight it.


Hurricane Matthew has brought the weather deniers out of hiding.

Pro-tip: Don't take life-or-death advice from Matt Drudge.

Hurricane Matthew

Florida doesn’t know what’s coming for it

Hurricanes are getting rarer but stronger. As Matthew barrels toward Florida, communities remain unprepared for a big storm.

The air up there

191 nations agree: Airplanes will finally have to cut their gassy contributions to climate change.

Is this great news? Depends on how optimistic you are.

fait accompli

The rest of the world is practically daring Trump to stop climate action now.

By promising to cancel the Paris climate deal, Trump might have unintentionally sped it along.

It's the spend of the world as we know it

We’re spending way more on weapons than on dealing with climate change.

The U.S. is investing 30 times more in the military than in climate-related projects. China is doing much better.

Guest post

Here’s why supporters of the Clean Power Plan are feeling optimistic

The rule had a very good day in court.

Men Again

The VP debate spent a hot second on climate change.

The "war on coal," however, came up five times.

We Need To Talk

The president, a climate scientist, and a ’90s heartthrob walk onto the White House South Lawn.

President Obama, climatologist Katharine Hayhoe, and Leonardo DiCaprio got together to talk about climate change at SXSL.