Obama to crack down on methane leaks from frackers and pipelines

Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, is leaking from wells and pipelines across the country.


Mitt Romney’s climate record exposes his deepest flaws as a politician and a robot

As Romney prepares for another presidential run, let's look at his craven pandering on the critical issue of global warming.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is laying waste to water supplies, warns Farm Bureau

A Farm Bureau bigwig warns that as western snowpack dwindles, farmers must adapt.


Climate denier Ted Cruz to oversee NASA. Houston, we have a problem

This is not a good thing. Just how bad it is will be determined.

Climate & Energy

The greenest governor in the country tells Grist about his big climate plan

Why did Washington state choose a cap-and-trade program? And does it have a chance of passing? Gov. Jay Inslee weighs in.


“Biking while black” is a thing, too

A Fort Lauderdale bike registry program aimed to reduce theft, but it also gave cops a reason to stop cyclists, and -- surprise! -- African Americans took most of the heat.

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Some Republican voters actually do want climate action

Fifty-six percent of Republicans in a recent poll said they support regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant.


Why reproductive rights in the U.S. are a lot like your high school ex

Is your state more of a Tracy Flick or a Jordan Catalano?


72 percent of GOP senators deny climate change

Thirty-nine GOP senators reject the science on climate change — that's three-fourths of the Senate Republican caucus. Ouch.