Carly Fiorina hijacks field trip, leads pre-schoolers to anti-abortion rally

Parents were not happy.


The real heroes of the Flint water crisis

It's not Hillary Clinton -- it's the people on the front lines.

Bernie’s new ad shows him standing against Big Oil

Sanders joins Iowa farmers in opposing a pipeline that would ship crude oil across the whole state.


Armed right-wing militia may not be the best caretakers of Native American artifacts

The occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge have also become the unlikely, and untrustworthy, caretakers of the Burns Paiute Tribe's heritage.

Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump, resurrects “drill, baby, drill” theme

She's baaacck!


Sign of the end times? Democrats and Republicans agree to help hungry kids

It's a little hard to believe, but a Senate committee has reached agreement on a compromise bill to strengthen school lunch programs.

Ted Cruz won’t win over most Americans with his city bashing

Cruz has been slamming New York City as a way to slam Donald Trump, but his outdated anti-urban prejudice could come back to bite him.

Obama’s coal reforms put the heat on Hillary and Bernie

The president intends to change the way coal is managed on public lands, but it'll be up to his successor to carry the reforms through.

The truth about satellite measurements and global warming (Hint: Ted Cruz has it wrong)

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