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We’ve got some weekend reading to help you face the post-election world.

This week, we’re (sort of) ready to think about why what happened … happened.


The Marrakech climate talks still aren’t over, but here’s what’s gone down so far.

There are a few notable outcomes already ironed out, even if negotiators are still scrambling on the final text.

What A Time To Be Alive

Pulling out of the Paris Agreement is a bad idea. Even Bill O’Reilly knows that.

The Fox News host and a major economic coalition agree: Don't dump the climate agreement.

deeds not words

If this Republican donor loves clean energy, then why did he back fossil-fuel friendly candidates?

Jay Faison's ClearPath Action backed 15 candidates for Congress, and 13 won.

The Fight Ahead

Inside the climate movement’s Trump-fighting strategy

It will take a combination of political, legal, and social pressure to reduce his damage to climate action and environmental protection.


Dakota Access protesters reminded the nation they won’t be silenced.

Dakota Access protests grow in size and scope, especially in the face of a Trump era.

Boy Bye

Donald Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. China begs to differ.

China is showing Trump the receipts to disprove his most famous statement on climate change.

Well, that snowballed quickly

Climate denier Barrasso to replace climate denier Inhofe as head of Senate environment committee.

Barrasso is not likely to be much more of an advocate for the environment than his predecessor.

Plugging away

The Department of Interior finalized a new rule to limit methane leakage on federal and Native American land.

Just in the nick of time.