Climate & Energy

How Bernie Sanders made Hillary Clinton into a greener candidate

Sanders lost the primary race, but he has changed the Democratic Party and the politics of climate change.

Climate & Energy

California’s primary has oily fingers all over it

Don’t let Hillary vs. Bernie distract you from the other Democrat vs. Democrat cage matches in play.

Business & Technology

Even “sustainable” Big Business won’t lobby for climate progress

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) exposes the lack of action Washington lobbyists are taking to fight climate change.

Climate & Energy

This lobbyist denied climate change for ExxonMobil. Now he’ll do it for Trump.

Donald Trump's army of climate deniers is growing before our eyes.


Even if Sanders loses the primary, his fracking policy won California

Clinton and Sanders have been courting the state’s environmentalist vote.

Climate & Energy

Charles Koch really wants us all to believe he’s pro-science

Oh the irony. The fossil fuel tycoon condemns the "climate lobby" after decades of his own denial.


John Kerry just cannot with Donald Trump’s climate plan

The Secretary of State did not mince words on a recent MSNBC appearance.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what Trump just doesn’t understand about clean air and dirty energy

He says clean air and water are top priorities, but he has no idea how to deliver.


Meet the man who changed the way the U.S. fights poverty abroad

The best way to fight poverty worldwide? Give small farmers a hand.