What does “organic” actually mean?

These are the rules that an "organic" label guarantees farmers will follow. What exactly are the benefits? That's where things get complicated.

Climate & Energy

Bernie Sanders wants to ban new offshore drilling and fossil fuel development on federal land

The presidential candidate announced his support for a new climate bill.

Climate & Energy

Most Americans accept that climate change is real, they just don’t care that much about it

Less than a quarter of Americans are very worried about global warming, a new poll finds, and most don't see it as a moral issue.

Climate & Energy

TransCanada tries desperate move to save Keystone XL pipeline

The pipeline company is asking for a delay in the federal review of its proposal, hoping to get the decision punted to Obama's successor.

Climate & Energy

Here’s what world leaders could actually achieve on climate change in Paris

The deal in the works won't keep warming below 2 degrees C, but it could make a big difference anyway.

An empowering story

These 3 cities are fighting for a clean-energy future

As Madison, Wis., tries to fight off a bad scheme from its utility, it's taking lessons from Boulder and Minneapolis.

Climate & Energy

Getting warmer: More Republicans are starting to take climate change seriously

Sen. Kelly Ayotte is among a handful of politicians trying to shift the GOP's approach. A recent Conservative Clean Energy Summit had the same goal.

Climate & Energy

Climate change is forcing people to migrate and the world doesn’t have a plan to handle it

People who flee climate-related disasters need help from the U.N. and the global community. Instead, we're still arguing over what to call them.

Russia takes a skeptical approach to climate change thanks to Putin

Vladimir Putin isn’t very worried about climate change, but Russia should be.