Climate & Energy

Clinton and climate activists have some real disagreements over fossil fuels

Should the federal government continue allowing fossil fuel extraction on public land? And do we need natural gas as a "bridge" fuel?

Business & Technology

Don’t be like Exxon, says Bloomberg-led task force to Big Oil

Companies are making an expensive blunder by not disclosing their financial risks from climate change, according to the task force.


Climate change is a multitrillion-dollar business opportunity, according to John Kerry

It’s not all doom and gloom.

Climate & Energy

21 countries shrank their carbon pollution while growing their economies

A chart proves it is possible.

Shots and Chasers

We’re angry, but that’s our right — so is abortion

So you’re pissed off about this week's reproductive rights news. That’s OK! Channel it to vanquish your enemies.

Climate & Energy

Meet the activist who made Clinton lose her cool over fossil fuel donations

"I’m sick of it," the candidate snapped on video at a Greenpeace organizer.


Pollution is now coming from Donald Trump’s golf course, in addition to his mouth

One of Trump’s golf courses chopped down hundreds of trees, which may threaten the health of the Potomac River.


Trump’s campaign manager is as shady on clean energy as you’d expect

Corey Lewandowski led a double life as a solar power lobbyist while publicly fighting taxpayer-funded clean-energy projects.


If you live in a city, this PBS quiz tells you you’re an elitist. Don’t believe it.

Why is PBS is pushing racist, anti-urban propaganda from controversial conservative Charles Murray?