Climate & Energy

The leaders of the next U.N. climate talks are already pessimistic

Two of the leading architects of a major U.N. agreement on climate are trying to soften expectations.

Climate & Energy

Score one for ALEC: West Virginia is first state to repeal a renewable energy standard

Other states are also moving to roll back renewable policies, much to the delight of the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council.


It’s not just climate change: Some GOP leaders disregard science on vaccines too

Chris Christie and Rand Paul have both pandered to anti-vaxxer parents. Here’s why.


How to talk to an anti-vaxxer

Dumping data and derision on vaccination-doubters isn't going to get us anywhere. To change minds, we need to build trust.


Buying this guy a car was nice. Buying a mass transit system would be way nicer.

Generous people have donated to help a man who used to have to walk 21 miles a day. But we need to fix the larger problem.


Valley fever is taking a toll on California prisoners — and it’s the government’s fault

If it killed politicians instead of prisoners, this illness would be national enemy No. 1.

Climate & Energy

EPA to Obama: You gotta reject Keystone

Extracting tar-sands oil from Canada would lead to "a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions," says the U.S. EPA.


Obama’s budget calls for billions to fight climate change

The president wants to increase spending on renewable energy and emissions reductions.

Gender Studies

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Body politics, lady butchers, and feminism

Render, a new food magazine based in Portland, wants to change the way you think about eating.

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