This Justin

Canada’s Trudeau failed an environmental test in a big way.

The prime minister OKs one pipeline, so what does that mean for the rest of them?

Let's make a deal

Lawmakers finally agreed on Flint aid, 363 days after residents were told to stop drinking their water.

Congress approves a hard-fought $170 million to Flint.

The Magnificent Seven

7 signs that China is serious about combating climate change

Some conservatives say that China isn't doing anything about CO2 emissions, but they're flat-out wrong.

The long and court of it

Court hears attacks on Obama’s big climate initiative

Now we wait for judges to determine the fate of the Clean Power Plan.

More like "the big battery," amirite?

NYC is the first city to adopt a target for energy storage.

It will help the city integrate more solar and wind power into its system and ultimately bring down carbon emissions.

In the zone

Obama pushes to make cities denser and more affordable

Too bad a president has very little power to make that happen.

trump change

Donald Trump tapped a climate denier to lead EPA team.

Meet Myron Ebell, Trump's pick to lead the EPA transition team.


Obama took up Standing Rock, albeit delicately, at his last Tribal Nations Conference.

The president passed on the opportunity to mention the Dakota Access pipeline, specifically.

Debate Fallout

Trump shows us what happens to a climate denier in denial

All those times I said it was a hoax? JK!