Lots of crazy claims about soda taxes. Which panned out?

Now that the experiment with taxing sugary drinks is underway, we look at which arguments by backers and opponents have come true -- and which were hot air.

Climate & Energy

Some big, important countries are promising to cut out fossil fuels by 2100

The G7 nations agreed that the global economy must move toward completely phasing out dirty energy. It's not binding, but it is notable.


Think we can end California’s drought by eating differently? Think again

Real solutions to California's water woes will depend on politics and market regulation, not facile assaults on thirsty crops and struggling farmers.


Seattle’s unbelievable transportation megaproject fustercluck

Seattle is involved in a slow-motion catastrophe, as construction of a new car-centric tunnel grinds to a halt and cost overruns loom.

Business & Technology

Bunge rejects deforestation promise, NC ag-gag law passes

Two downer updates: North Carolina won't protect whistleblowers on its farms, and an agribusiness giant's shareholders turn down protecting forests.

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Seattle’s smart plan to remake its streets

The key: Making room for bikes, buses, and other mass transit, and no new concessions for cars.


3 things Rick Perry knows about global warming: It’s a hoax, he’s not a scientist, and … we forget the third


Climate & Energy

Fracking could pollute drinking water, EPA says

But there's not much evidence that it has so far -- in part because oil and gas companies won't share their data.

Climate & Energy

This Democratic coal baron wants to be the next governor of West Virginia

Jim Justice, owner of the largest privately held coal company east of the Mississippi, certainly won't be joining the so-called "war on coal."