Stop what you’re doing and watch Elizabeth Warren rip apart Keystone

Sen. Warren hauled out a can of whoop-ass on Republicans who want to push through the pipeline, bashing it as a boon for lobbyists and big business.

Oil in the soil

Leave the damn fossil fuels in the ground, says big nerdy study

For a somewhat safe climate, 82 percent of world coal reserves and every drop of Arctic oil must not be burned.


Why do we have a Congress that hates the planet? Blame your anarchist roommate

Why not vote? An anarchist gives his reasons.


Senate Democrats plan to kneecap the GOP’s Keystone bill

The newly weakened Senate Democratic caucus is trying to muster all the opposition it can to the impending vote on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Climate & Energy

Brazil’s new science minister is a climate denier

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff says she's serious about confronting climate change, but then why did she appoint denier Aldo Rebelo?


Maybe your grandkids will live to ride California’s high-speed rail

The controversial, costly rail project is going to happen for sure. Politicians should stop trying to sabotage it and work on getting it right.

Climate & Energy

Could the GOP-controlled Congress actually raise the gas tax?

A few Republicans and conservative groups are calling for a hike in the tax to pay for roads and other transportation infrastructure.

grimm news

This Republican believes in climate change. Too bad he’s a convicted felon who’s leaving Congress

Michael Grimm was one of a precious few Republican politicians who actually accepted the science of climate change.


Hold up, maybe don’t sprinkle all that chlorpyrifos on your toast

Surprise! This pesticide is nastier than we thought, says the EPA.