A drinking problem

Trump is coming for your clean water.

This marks the first time Trump has formally pushed a regulatory change at the EPA, but it won't be the last.

Slash and burn

Trump plans to slash EPA’s budget and boost the military’s.

The White House wants to chop funding for climate programs in particular, though they're just a teeny-tiny fraction of defense spending.

States are trying to bring science denial to the classroom

Bills in three states may launch an open season on facts.

Oh say, can you DNC?

Climate activists are rooting for Keith Ellison to head up the Democratic National Committee.

Bill McKibben argues that Ellison, a progressive, would help the party regain credibility with young people.

We explain Keystone XL, the pipeline that just won’t die

Trump revived the controversial tar-sands pipeline. What happens next?

You've got emails

Here are some of the most unnerving things we’ve read so far in those Pruitt emails.

You can now peruse thousands of emails from Scott Pruitt’s time as Oklahoma attorney general.

Sound & Fury

Congressional climate deniers are getting called on their BS at town halls this week.

It turns out plenty of their constituents DO care about climate change, clean water, and environmental regulation.

Why the People’s Climate March matters to people of color like me

It's an opportunity to build a diverse, national movement to defend our environment.

The calm before the storm

Scott Pruitt is making nice with EPA employees, but big changes are to come.

The agency will soon be charged with rolling back two major regulations on climate change and water pollution.