I believe the children are our future

Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders all did one important thing in their convention speeches

And it wasn't just that they endorsed Hillary Clinton.

So leave the lights on

Dems warm up crowd with Demi Lovato — and climate change

A pop song was the warm-up to the DNC's first prime-time mention of climate change.

Oh, Vienna

There’s a new global climate deal that you probably haven’t heard of yet

If all goes as planned, it’ll be finalized this fall — and it’ll be good for the ozone layer too.

Election 2016

The biggest climate worry where you live

A state-by-state guide to how the impacts of global warming are starting to hit home. Voters: Pay attention.


Al Gore is voting Clinton, for the climate

The former Veep won't be in Philadelphia, but he's definitely not voting for Trump.

schmooze crews

Major media hosted anti-climate events at RNC — and Big Oil paid for it

The Atlantic, Washington Post, and Politico threw swanky parties for climate deniers.

Frack attack

Climate activists make noise in Philly ahead of Democratic convention

Several thousand protesters hit the streets to demand an end to fracking and other types of fossil fuel extraction.


Democrats have made a big shift toward climate action in the last four years

But it still needs to shift a whole more if we're to have a chance of staving off the worst of climate chaos.

citizen kaine

Clinton’s VP pick gets decent reviews from both enviros and fossil fuel industry

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine appears to have an uncanny ability to appeal to people across the spectrum.