executive disorder

Here’s what Trump’s decision means for the Dakota Access Pipeline

It will pave the way for the project and make it harder to make successful legal challenges.

Remember that other pipeline?

Keystone XL really is back to haunt us.

TransCanada, the company behind the infamous project, has resubmitted an application to build the pipeline across the U.S.-Canada border.


The doomsday clock is at its closest to midnight in 64 years

Climate change and fact-denying leaders spurred the clock 30 seconds forward.

roof of concept

Who installs more solar power? Republicans and Democrats are pretty much tied.

Solar power isn't a partisan issue.

meow remix

First: Cats. Now: The polarization of science. Is there anything curiosity can’t kill?

A new paper says it's not knowledge, but curiosity, that allows people to break out of partisan bubbles.

Love Factually

#ClimateFacts is the best thing on Twitter today.

Maybe Trump will listen? HA.

causation, not correlation

Trump tries to stifle science, and scientists rally to march on Washington.

Americans seem to be prepared to turn out for progressive causes at higher numbers than ever before.

Well, he is a real-estate developer

A leaked list of Trump’s infrastructure priorities looks pretty surprising.

Trump's infrastructure wish list appears positively un-Trumpian, but ...

The Standing Rock Sioux will not back down

Trump's executive order is renewing the fight.