Plugging away

The Department of Interior finalized a new rule to limit methane leakage on federal and Native American land.

Just in the nick of time.

Let the climate hawks soar

Climate hawks unite! Meet the newest members of Congress who will fight climate change.

Some candidates with strong climate credentials are headed to Congress.

trump change

China urges Trump not to back out of climate deal.

"It is global society’s will that all want to cooperate to combat climate change."

penguin pal

John Kerry spent Election Day in Antarctica, just like you wish you had.

Now he's back, just in time to let us know how much we have to do.

park disservice

For national parks, the next 4 years look bleak

Trump’s pick for Interior Secretary would likely open the parks for drilling.

Bakken business

Trump and his key advisors stand to profit from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Trump invested up to $1 million in the company building the pipeline.


No, Trump’s election hasn’t derailed the U.N. climate conference

Why there’s (some) cause for optimism at the U.N. climate talks

mais non

Nicolas Sarkozy proposed a carbon tax on American-made goods if Trump pulls out of climate accord.

The former French president and current candidate for reelection responded to Trump's claim that he'd pull out of the Paris Agreement.

coal reality

Mitch McConnell has already admitted GOP promises to out-of-work coal miners won’t come true.

The Senate Majority leader walked back expectations for a coal industry revival.