Whoa, Nelly

Are self-driving cars legal? And if so, can I drive home drunk in one?

In trying to sort out the laws around self-driving car schemes, the government may look for inspiration back to the age of the horse.


Martha Stewart’s tweets are perfection. Let them help you through a week of reproductive health news

Martha is an exemplar of never backing down — and this should serve as inspiration for anyone fighting the good fight.

Obama to revamp program that sells off public coal for dirt cheap

Climate activists have been pushing for reform of the federal coal leasing program, and the president heard them.

Here’s everything said about climate change at the GOP debate

We rounded up all the mentions into this one handy post.

Low gas prices spell trouble for oil-drilling states

Some states have taken heavy blows to their budgets that could prompt cuts to education and social services.

The feds want to give $14 million in taxpayer money to a Koch brother’s coal mine

Yes, that's just as insane as it sounds.

Rubio says he likes renewables, but he clearly likes oil and gas a lot more

The presidential candidate says he wants the U.S. to be "number one in renewables," but just because he wants us to be number one in everything.

Obama slams climate deniers in State of the Union, and gets greens kind of excited

The president gave a mention to climate activists' current top priority: reforming coal and oil leasing on federal land.

Climate & Energy

Cattle grazing is a climate disaster, and you’re paying for it

It’s time the taxpayers stopped indulging whiny welfare queens like the Bundys and kicked them off the dole.