People's Climate Continued

Watch People’s Climate Justice Summit livestreaming now

A two-day conference organized by climate justice leaders examines the root causes of climate change.

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One big march, lots of little messages

Organizers estimate that 310,000 people joined the New York climate march, and each one had a point to hammer home.

Big and boisterous

Check out these great photos of the NYC climate march

This is what it looks like when several hundred thousand people take to the streets for climate change.

Here's what history looks like

This video shows just how awesomely huge the People’s Climate March was

Damn, that was big! The march in New York City on Sunday brought out record crowds.

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Peacekeepers and direct-action proponents prepare for climate protest, in very different ways

Tips: Keep your phone in your pocket, and practice being water.

Climate & Energy

Liveblog: Come along with us to the People’s Climate March

Stay tuned for updates on the biggest climate action the world has ever seen.

Climate & Energy

11 short stories about the People’s Climate Train

Singing, burning sage, chowing down, and getting robbed on a cross-country train full of protesters en route to New York's big march.


Northwest states talk green, invest dirty

Oregon and Washington stealthily finance fossil fuel projects despite their governors' climate-caring rhetoric.

Reality check

We’re way more screwed than we were the last time the U.N. had a big climate meeting

It's been five years since the Copenhagen climate conference, and things have just gotten worse.

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