Sorry, Pope Francis didn’t endorse Bernie Sanders

A fake news site reported that the pontiff endorsed the Socialist presidential hopeful. The internet fell for it.

Climate & Energy

There’s a high-stakes dinner party in Paris and you’re invited. Check out our climate negotiations explainer

We cooked up a video to explain all of COP21's tough climate questions.

Climate-denying senator threatens to crash climate talks

Sen. James Inhofe is not invited to the U.N. climate talks in Paris. He's not letting that stop him.

Climate & Energy

3 ways Obama could help fight Indonesia’s massive fires

Raging forest and land fires in Indonesia have spewed more greenhouse gases in recent days than the entire U.S. economy.


Coal-friendly states sue over Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The plan was just formally published Friday morning, but it already faces legal challenges from 24 states.


You don’t need a partner this cuffing season — but you do need to keep up on the war against abortion access

This week, we’re sharing some fantastic and fascinating long reads on the battle for reproductive rights.

Climate & Energy

Young people: Now is your chance to tell the EPA what to do about the climate

The environmental agency formalizes a unit for young people to make suggestions and proposals for dealing with climate change.

Climate & Energy

Meet the Republican magnate who’s funding a push for climate action

Andy Sabin has spent big money to create a climate law center and to back GOP candidates like Jeb Bush who he thinks will break the climate stalemate.


Senate panel warms to GMOs

On the agriculture committee, at least, senators showed little stomach for regulating GMOs and more support for a national voluntary labeling law.