You elite me

Resentment in partisan politics

Reacting to this post, Reihan Salam (who majors in good blogging and minors in even better dancing) says there is enough fear, resentment, and moral …

Head in the oil sands

Turns out McCain doesn’t care about the greatest threat we face

All you need to know about McCain’s core beliefs on climate change: The 72-year-old McCain named a global-warming-denying, Big Oil Super-Shill as his vice presidential …

The (renewable) electron economy, part 10

Renewables and the ‘Cheap Energy Contract’

Earlier in this series, we established that electric-driven transport can fairly rapidly substitute for petroleum in most ground transport applications and that renewable electric generators …

Whatever floats your vote

Reid to hold votes on three drilling plans next week

E&E Daily reports ($ub. req’d) Tuesday that “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) hopes to bring three competing energy packages to the floor next week …

Palin and renewables

McCain’s VP pick has a mixed record on supporting renewables in home state

McCain VP pick Sarah Palin has a record of being both a friend and foe of Big Oil in her home state of Alaska. But …

U.S. intelligence report says climate change likely to lead to security threats

A new draft report from the United States’ top intelligence analyst forecasts future security threats to the U.S. and other nations from climate change, as …

Truth, baby, truth!

It’s time to break the American addiction to oil

This post is by ClimateProgress guest blogger Bill Becker, executive director of the Presidential Climate Action Project. —– When George Bush declared that the United …

Us, neglect renewable energy?

Perish the thought!

Take that, Rudy

Community organizers rock

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