DNC: Clinton warming

Bill Clinton on the primary: “That campaign created so much heat, it increased global warming.” UPDATE: Clinton knocked it out of the park — his speech was just as good, in its way, as Hillary’s. …

DNC: The wind beneath the wing

Colorado celebrates wind investment, but calls for more legislative support from Washington

I stopped by a press conference yesterday for Vestas, the wind energy company, where state leaders were hailing the company’s recent investment in Colorado. Vestas has plans for four major manufacturing plants in Colorado where …

DNC: Reid on energy

What’s he saying?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is giving a speech on energy issues right now. But I can’t hear anything! He’s so … quiet. The guy next to me just said, “Man, whoever’s talking sucks.” I …

DNC: Yay for T. Boone!

Grist blogger goes in the tank for evil Texas oilman

I’m here at an panel on the Pickens Plan, featuring Carl Pope of the Sierra Club, John Podesta of the Center for American Progress, and T. Boone himself. (And I have internet access!) Most interesting …

DNC: In pictures

Photos reveal dueling agendas on energy at the Democratic convention

A few photos I’ve snapped here in Denver this week:

Santa Barbara County officials give thumbs-up to offshore drilling

Santa Barbara County supervisors on Tuesday voted 3 to 2 in favor of allowing offshore drilling along their coastline — a move that has no practical impacts, but is rich with symbolism. The southern California …

DNC: The green scene

Energy is all the rage at this year’s gathering

As David has noted, the thing to know about being in Denver right now is that it’s a madhouse. There are more people and events here than one could possibly imagine. And things are spread …

DNC: Sign of the airtimes

Should you freak out at the lack of airtime for climate change in Denver — or Minneapolis?

Andrew Jones — former Rocky Mountain Institute colleague and systems-dynamic modeler extraordinaire at the Sustainability Institute — asks if I could write something “from a D.C. insider perspective” about why we shouldn’t be freaking out …

DNC: <em>Goodnight Bush</em>

Grist talks to the authors of a parody hailing the end of Bush’s reign

Many people are familiar with the children’s book Goodnight Moon. They might not be familiar with Goodnight Bush, the unauthorized parody hailing the coming end of the Bush presidency. In it, authors Erich Origen and …

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