Colorado official with green chops is tapped for White House post

The Obama team circulated another list of hires at the White House on Wednesday. Apparently, the new president has scooped up Shaun McGrath, the green mayor of Boulder, Colo., as a deputy director of intergovernmental affairs. McGrath began serving on …


As meaningful as his presidency is, Obama will not act fast enough on the climate crisis

Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this sun of York; And all the clouds that lowered about our house In the deep bosom of the ocean buried. -- William Shakespeare, King Richard the Third To …

Business & Technology

Are the Big Three just ghostwriting WaPo editorials now?

The Washington Post editorial board, drifting ever farther right, covers its Auto Alliance position on CAFE with a shiny, self-righteous veneer of Krauthammerian posturing on gas taxes.


Creating transit-oriented communities addresses many different issues

Photo: Seattle Municipal Archives Last November, Seattle-area voters gave a resounding shout-out to mass transit. Building on that support, a new bill in Washington state focuses on sustainable development near transit stations. This "Creating Transit Communities" legislation calls for dense, …


Gore urges Congress to quickly pass stimulus package and climate bill

  Speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, VP-turned-climate-guru Al Gore urged lawmakers to move quickly on both the economic-stimulus package and a cap-and-trade climate bill. His testimony -- which included an updated version of his Inconvenient Truth …


House passes stimulus package with more than $100 billion in green spending

Without the support of a single Republican lawmaker, the House today approved the $819 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act by a vote of 244-188. The package would allocate more than $100 billion in direct spending for various green projects, …


Salazar sends mixed signals on offshore drilling

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar indicated on Tuesday that he intends to scrap the Bush administration's leasing plan that would have opened the coasts to drilling, even as he said the Obama administration is open to some expanded development of offshore …


House debates adjustments to the stimulus package

The House is expected to pass the stimulus bill this evening, and they're currently debating amendments. There's already some good news for greens: They just approved a $3 billion increase in funding for mass transit. The amendment, proposed by Rep. …


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Was Joel Kotkin always this loopy?