Climate & Energy

South Korean court jails captain of oil tanker involved in 2007 spill

The captain and first mate of an oil tanker that caused South Korea’s largest oil spill last year have been convicted of criminal negligence for failing to avoid a collision with a barge. Members of the barge crew were also …


Sources say Obama will drop EPA head and ‘energy czar’ as early as today

A source close to the transition tells me that Obama will drop the names of his energy czar and EPA head today. The decision may be coming out earlier than expected to try to help take the edge off the …


Hill briefing tries to stir support for a carbon tax

With more than a month yet to go before the new Congress is officially sworn in (and the old Congress still kicking around in lame duck session), some wonk-types were on the Hill today trying to stir up support for …


Greens, labor leaders, and economists call for $900 billion recovery plan

Campaign for America’s Future today released a “Main Street Recovery Plan” [PDF], laying out wha the group hopes to see from the Obama team. The plan calls for investments of at least $900 billion over the next two years, including …


Cap-and-trade bill will return GOP to power ‘in 2010’

The conservative movement stagnation has few leaders more frozen in the cement of denial than Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.). Greenwire ($ub. req’d) reports that he flew all the way to Poland just to warn “Democrats today that they will lose …

Business & Technology

GM’s Lutz: Wagoner is one of ‘the innocents,’ just ‘the mayor of a city hit by an earthquake’

GM Vice Chair Bob Lutz would be a hard man to like, even if he weren’t a global warming denier (see “GM is full of crocks“). He presumably thinks he and GM Chair Wagoner deserve the credit and the large …


A remarkably uninformative statement from Obama about his meeting with Gore

The press pool was allowed in for a photo-op following the hour-long meeting between Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Al Gore earlier today. Here’s the official, remarkably uninformative statement they got from Obama: The purpose of this meeting today was …


Obama folks trumpet meeting with enviros in new video

The Obama transition team just released a video of their energy and environment working group meeting with leaders of several major environmental groups to discuss the transition plan the groups have put forward. In the video, you’ll see Mark Tercek, …



Al Gore still not running for president ready to accept a job in a presidential administration. We’ll keep you updated on new developments in Gore’s unwavering, years-long refusal to get back in government as they unfold!