Obama energy thoughts

Thoughts and reactions on Obama’s bold new energy proposal

Staying with the Monday Is Obama Day theme, here are a few thoughts on Obama’s energy plan. (Full plan here; speech introducing the plan here.) Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised — even shocked — at its quality. It’s a deft mix of good politics and strong, substantive policy. Here are what I see as the three headlines: 100% auction of cap-and-trade credits. This is a home run, a real act of standard-setting boldness (the kind that Obama always promises but rarely delivers). The green community should immediately use it to push Clinton and Edwards into making the same commitment, insuring that …

Obama's speech

The full text of Obama’s energy remarks

Obama is delivering his energy speech right now. Here it is, as prepared for delivery. —– Remarks of Senator Barack Obama Real Leadership for a Clean Energy Future Monday, October 8th, 2007 Portsmouth, NH Two weeks ago, representatives from some of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases were invited to Washington by the President for a global conference on climate change. For a brief moment, there was a hope that maybe this conference would be different — that maybe America would finally commit to the steps that nearly every scientist and expert believes we must take; that maybe the …

Obama energy fact sheet

The details on Obama’s just-released energy plan

Ah, here we go. Via the Obama campaign, I’ve got the fact-sheet on Obama’s just-released energy plan. The PDF is here, which I’ve translated to HTML for your reading pleasure, below. —– BARACK OBAMA’S PLAN TO MAKE AMERICA A GLOBAL ENERGY LEADER Our nation is confronted by two major energy challenges — global climate change and our dependence on foreign oil — both of which stem from our current dependence on fossil fuels for energy. America’s 20 million-barrel-a-day oil habit costs our economy $1.4 billion a day, and nearly $500 billion in 2006 alone. Every single hour we spend $41 …

Obama's energy proposal

Barack Obama reveals details of energy plan in speech today

Barack Obama is going to unveil the details of his energy plan today. I haven’t seen a copy of the speech or the plan yet, so all I have to go on is the reporting, which is just … awful. I can’t decide which is worse, the L.A. Times, Reuters, or AP. From what I can tell, there are a few potentially big pieces of news. We know already that Obama supports a cap-and-trade system that would reduce GHG emissions 80% by 2050. The marquee news, if I read the obscure prose of the L.A. Times reporter correctly, is that …

Obama will outline energy plan in New Hampshire

Barack Obama will outline his energy plan later today in a speech in Portsmouth, N.H. Expect him to laud cap-and-trade and energy efficiency, propose spending $150 billion over the next decade on clean energy R&D, and blame politicians for not being ballsy enough to make bold proposals for tackling global warming.

Sunday Linkfest

Brain food for your day of rest

Tabs, tabs, so many tabs open. Time for a whirlwind tour of my browser! Got a website? Here are 11 carbon-neutral hosting options. Environmental websites that effectively use graphics and imagery to convey the scope of a problem. I particularly like Gapminder. If Bill Clinton didn’t clear it up for you, the Christian Science Monitor has a nice little rundown on utility decoupling. The Energy Justice Network has a nice, compact fact sheet on the myth of clean coal. Pass copies out to your friends. Two cool blogs I’ve recently discovered: Greenline and Apartment Therapy Green. The biggest American banks …

Senate passes asbestos ban, Democrats want to rid toys of lead

Hey, you with the asbestos-contaminated attic: The Senate has unanimously passed a measure to ban importation, manufacture, processing, and distribution of products containing asbestos. Forty other nations have already banned the cancer-causing mineral, which is found in more than 3,000 consumer products in the U.S. Speaking of things that should have happened a long time ago, Democrats in both chambers of Congress introduced legislation this week to virtually ban lead from goods used by children under age 6. Because, uh, have you heard some toys are contaminated with lead?

A look at Sam Brownback’s environmental platform and record

Update: Brownback dropped out of the presidential race on Oct. 19, 2007. Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback, who has represented Kansas in the U.S. Senate since 1996, calls for the U.S. to be “energy secure” so it won’t have to depend on unfriendly countries for oil — and touts ethanol as a homegrown solution to the problem. He calls for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, even though he’s not convinced that humans are responsible for global warming. His lifetime voting score from the League of Conservation Voters is 14 percent. Read an interview with Sam Brownback by Grist and Outside. Key …

An interview with Sam Brownback about his presidential platform on energy and the environment

This is part of a series of interviews with presidential candidates produced jointly by Grist and Outside. Update: Sam Brownback dropped out of the presidential race on Oct. 19, 2007. Sam Brownback. Photo: IowaPolitics.com “America is on the verge of an energy crisis,” Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) warns on his presidential campaign website, blaming “years of neglect and shortsighted domestic policies.” His solution? Incentivize the marketplace to develop more nuclear power, more renewables, plug-in hybrids, better biofuels, and other homegrown energy sources and technologies. Brownback has been a big advocate of ethanol and other biofuels throughout the decade he’s spent …

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