RFK Jr. endorses Hillary Clinton for prez

Erstwhile earth-protector Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton for president. Effused Kennedy, “Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to … reverse the potentially devastating effects of global warming.” With her bare …

Rep. Markey on the energy bill

Hostage situation in Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign office

CNN has the latest. UPDATE: Just heard on WMUR that the man inside is demanding to speak to Clinton. UPDATE: Two hostages have been released, and according to WMUR, that’s everyone — apparently only the …

Robert Kennedy Jr. …

… has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Wonder how Clinton feels about Cape Wind?

Coal's desperate campaign for survival

A multi-million dollar ad campaign tries to convince Americans that coal still rules

Today’s Progress Report from CAP has a great rundown on the clean coal industry and the presidential debates. I’ve put the whole thing under the fold. Read it and weep: Viewers tuning into Wednesday’s CNN/YouTube …

Laissez unfair

In his typically succinct way, Atrios captures something essential about energy policy, modern-day conservatism, and Rudy Giuliani: Jim Cramer is interviewing Rudy. I don’t have the sound on, but the captions are funny. First one. …

Biden his time

Joe Biden rolls out climate and energy plan

Unless the Democrats manage to blow the '08 elections, or some other calamity strikes, a president who is ready to seriously confront the climate crisis will be sworn into office in January 2009. Following in the footsteps of other Democratic candidates, Joe Biden unveiled his climate and energy plan on November 20, 2007. Biden's plan looks a little bit generic compared with the offerings we've seen from Edwards, Dodd, Richardson, Obama, and most recently, Hillary Clinton, which are all either more ambitious or more detailed. He sets the right targets, though, albeit with a nod at all of the expected interest groups -- both good (solar and wind) and bad (coal and corn). Now if we could only get past the whole filibuster problem ...

Bali eve

Delegates of all stripes prepare for the trip to Bali

Post by Kelly Blynn, Step It Up 2007 Around the world, an estimated 10,000 bureaucrats, ministers, activists, climate skeptics, industry lobbyists, and students are packing their bags and making last-minute preparations for their descent upon the small Indonesian island of Bali, for two weeks of hashing it out on what the world's going to do next on the issue of global warming. Anyone who has anything (good or bad) to do with this problem will be there -- whether it's Greenpeace, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Confederation of European Paper Industries, the World Coal Association, or ... me, a Step It Up organizer.

Somebody didn't get the environment vs. economy memo

Over 150 companies worldwide sign climate petition in advance of Bali

More than 150 companies worldwide, representing some $4 trillion in market valuation, have signed the Bali Communiqué: As business leaders, it is our belief that the benefits of strong, early action on climate change outweigh …

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