An interview with Florida’s governor, a Republican climate crusader

Photo: Steven Murphy/WireImageMeet Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a surprising blend of Grand Ol’ Party and bleeding-heart greenie. As a Republican, he defends the Bush administration’s …

More on the fishing subsidies problem

There’s a large human cost to subsidizing European fishing fleets in West Africa

Today's front page New York Times story -- "Europe Takes Africa's Fish, and Boatloads of Migrants Follow" -- chronicles the human cost of overfishing. Fueled by billions in government subsidies, European fleets empty out West African waters, leaving nothing for subsistence fishermen. I wrote about this in an earlier post, but it's an important enough issue to warrant reiteration.

No joke

Land-use policy is not a laughing matter

It was just a fleeting moment amid the hours of presidential debate that have taken place through this longest of election cycles, but it nonetheless …


Smart people talk about serious questions

Check out this cool new site, BigThink. It’s a collection of short video interviews with notable or famous people, asking them a series of common …

What Al Gore could do

There’s a need for someone to draw contrasts among candidates on climate

I said earlier that there’s no point in Al Gore endorsing anyone in the primary. But if he does want to have a salutary effect …

McCain on climate and coal in Michigan

Rubber, meet road

So, McCain made a big deal out of climate change before the New Hampshire primary, sucking up to the state’s independents. Now the Republicans are …

Modestly right, not interestingly wrong

The right way to interpret Shellenberger & Nordhaus

Matt Yglesias has a review of Shellenberger & Nordhaus’ book in the NYT Sunday Book Review. It contains a good insight and a fairly crucial …

Mayor may not

Climate treaty among mayors often honored in the breach

Seven cities in the San Diego region signed on to the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, but some didn’t do much more than sign it. I …

But he's a senator ...

Commentary on science via comics

This comic made me think of the "Inhofe 400":