A storm is brewing

Why the disaster trust fund is bad news

The following is a guest essay by Britt Lundgren and Jason Funk. Britt Lundgren is an agricultural policy fellow at Environmental Defense Fund. Jason Funk is a Lokey Fellow in the Land, Water and Wildlife …

Border wall brings peace in the Middle East

Fighting the border wall, that is.

Tick tock

Listen to ‘Ohio’ by Damien Jurado

Listen Play “Ohio,” by Damien Jurado While we all wait.

Clinton v. Obama on SNL

Medium funny:

The natural resource curse is such a bitch

Oil and the status of women in the Middle East

I'm not sure this falls under my "campus news" beat for Grist, but I heard it at a seminar at a college campus, and it's compelling enough that I'm going to say that because it …

EPA attempt to ban bird-killing pesticide runs into opposition

The U.S. EPA has proposed a ban on a pesticide lethal to birds, but is running into resistance from the company that produces the chemical. The pesticide, carbofuran, is typically used on crops such as …

Western states look into building new dams

Concerned about climate-caused drought, officials in at least six Western states are looking into building new dams to create rain-capturing reservoirs — even as dams across the country are being torn down over environmental concerns.

Cellulosic ethanol: not likely to be viable

New study from mainstream ag economists at Iowa State

Cellulosic ethanol represents a beacon on the horizon — the justification cited by wiseguys like Vinod Khosla for dropping billions per year in public cash to prop up corn ethanol production. Corn ethanol, you see, …

Further evidence that impotence leads to arson

Am I crazy, or is the Earth Liberation Front website sponsored by Viagra? (via Dan Shapley)