Arnie hearts John

Cali gov Schwarzenegger endorses John McCain

So Schwarzenegger endorsed McCain today, citing his fight against wasteful spending, his "vision" for protecting the environment ("and the economy simultaneously"), and his national security credentials. Of course McCain’s battle against earmarks is entirely symbolic, …

California hopes to spur development of less-toxic chemicals

California officials are aiming to spur development of less-toxic chemicals as safer alternatives to widely used toxics and will today unveil their proposals to kick-start the “green chem” revolution. One idea that’s not included on …

Nation's phallus hit with grafitti

Greenpeace pulls off a doozy of a stunt

Some fiendishly clever visual protest from Greenpeace: Joe Romm must be flattered.

All four Republican prez candidates express support for California’s EPA waiver

Last night’s Republican debate spawned at least one memorable surprise: all four GOP candidates appeared to express support for California in its battle with the U.S. EPA to get a waiver it needs to implement …

Competing for the Governator's endorsement?

All four Republican candidates support California’s right to a waiver from the Bush EPA

In tonight’s debate, much to my surprise, the Republican candidates got a direct question about the California waiver. Also rather to my surprise, all four said they support California’s right to a waiver. It’s amazing …

Notable quotable

"… there are a number of pieces of legislation where [McCain’s] views are out of the mainstream, at least in my view, of conservative Republican thought. So, for instance, he’s opposed to drilling in ANWR, …

New CIA campus goes green

The CIA has apparently been green for years — yet somehow, nobody managed to find out. But the secret-keepers’ Chantilly, Va., campus was just outed as neerg gniog (that’s code for “going green”). The new …

Notable quotable

“Maybe we’re wrong.” — the Nader 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee, getting halfway there

No such thing as a feebate lunch

Remember that cool experiment in feebates that was about to pass through California’s Assembly? Guess not.