Once a wasteland, Howe Sound comes back to life

Humans can royally muck up the environment, but sometimes we can put things right again. Seven years ago, Vancouver's Howe Sound was a lifeless chemical stew, poisoned by contamination from a copper mine. And now, according to the Globe and …

Business & Technology

Critical List: #realtalk from Clinton on climate; a DIY electric car

“We look like a joke, right?” — President Bill Clinton, on the ridiculousness that is America’s climate-denying Republican candidates. Obama is at least TRYING to cut coal, oil, and gas subsidies with his deficit reduction proposal. Your commute could give you a heart attack. …

Business & Technology

Protesters in China attack solar panel plant over pollution

Solar power may be the clean energy solution we're all waiting for, but only as long as it's constructed in an environmentally responsible manner. Five hundred protesters in China besieged a solar-panel manufacturing plant in the city of Haining, after …


Campus revolts over bottled-water bans

Two Minnesota college campus have banned bottled water, and students are, like, totally flipping out. As one College Republican, who apparently is also enrolled in the Sarah Palin School of Political Oratory, put it: “A little bit goes along the line of …


How is Obama's overall record on the environment?

Is Obama's record on climate change and air pollution better than Bush's? How is it relative to the ideal, and relative to what seems politically realistic? Good questions ...

Climate & Energy

Return of the Monster Tar Balls!!

The scariest horror movies end with a hint that the killer or monster, though defeated, isn't dead and will rise again. With tropical storms sweeping through the Gulf, coastal residents are finding that zombie residues of the BP oil spill …


The stupid politics behind Obama’s ozone cave

Obama's cave on ozone regulations was a) a crass political move, b) driven by new Chief of Staff Bill Daley, and c) based on daft political logic.


Don’t buy the job-killing hype: Regulations create jobs, save lives

Environmental regulations often create new jobs, while preventing senseless deaths and improving our standard of living at the same time.


Obama gives strong jobs speech, defends pollution standards

Obama’s big job speech exceeded expectations. He didn't mention clean energy by name, but he did emphasize that it's a core job-creating industry.