How to turn raw sewage into profit

For most people, having a open stream of sewage running past your backyard is a problem, not an asset. That how Keshav Tavre, who lives in Bhiwandi, India, saw it, until he decided to set up a homemade filtration system. …

Human excrement is killing all your coral

You know how when you go snorkeling, the guide tells you not to touch, breathe on, or even think about getting anywhere near the coral because it's really sensitive and also a great marine resource? Well, it's all true, but …

Stop the giant fish blenders!

Antiquated cooling systems of power plants throughout the nation grind all manner of aquatic life into a fine paste.

Mark Ruffalo wants you to fight the tar sands

Actor Mark Ruffalo explains why you should join him and thousands of others in protesting the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 20.

Critical List: A second leak in Shell's North Sea rig spurting oil; Chinese protest chemical factory

A second leak at the Shell oil platform in the North Sea is proving harder to stop than the first. A Chinese protest against a chemical factory was one of the largest in three years -- at least 12,000 people …

Industry exaggerates pressure to meet Clean Air Act standards

Polluters whine about the economic burden of reducing emissions during tough times, but the Clean Air Act gives them more than enough time to comply.

Meet the new water toxins, same as the old water toxins

Assuming it doesn't get cockblocked by industry or shut down by Michele Bachmann, the EPA is going to start regulating some gross stuff that hangs out in your water -- not because these are new toxins, but because they're finally …

How to kill the Gulf's dead-zone zombie

The Gulf of Mexico's dead zone is the largest in the world, and it keeps coming back. But there are steps we could take to get rid of it.

Turns out Nature, like Wall Street, is also bankrupt

If you thought it was just your pension fund that was in the toilet, you'd best break out the plunger, 'cause you've got an entire planet that will shortly be following it down the loo. Check out this infographic: