California dreamin'

California has a lot of kinks to work out on its ambitious new climate goal.

Just saying you'll cut a ton of emissions won't cut it.

Lead By Example

Citizen scientists are taking it upon themselves to confront America’s lead problem.

CitizenSpring wants to make a water-quality map of “every faucet in the country.”

The Pacific Ocean is becoming caffeinated

While the concentrations aren't exactly espresso-level, it's still cause for concern.

Instead of cleaning up lake, dumbasses dye it blue

Lake Delton, in the Wisconsin Dells, has been looking a little like your mom: hard-used and fungusy. Algae overgrowth gave the lake a greenish cast, and made it appear less-than-healthy to swim in. The solution, according to the company that …

Romney suggests EPA worry about symptoms of pollution, not causes

We weren't going to tell you which presidential candidate said this, but we think you probably would have guessed.

The environment is trying to ruin the Olympics again

It's like Mother Earth doesn't want us to have fun for some reason.

Are more colorful lobsters a bad sign?

More and more unusually colored lobsters are being reported, as stocks in Maine spike and those in Connecticut plummet.

Jeremy’s iron will: On-screen villain plays the good guy in anti-waste doc

In a new documentary, "Trashed," Jeremy Irons explores the toxic effects an endless worldwide buildup of waste has on our health and environment.

Seriously mindblowing photo of toxic spill damage in Hungary

Photographer Palíndromo Mészáros has a whole series of photographs documenting the aftereffects of a 2010 toxic aluminum spill in Hungary. They’re all pretty staggering, but this one in particular really messed with our heads. This is not a before photo and …