Fox News thinks pollution is good for the planet

Fox News is now apparently telling viewers that pollution helps forests grow.

Scientists make depressing discovery about oceanic plastic pollution using depressing research technique

One of the best ways to gauge the extent of plastic pollution is by slicing up dead birds, some of whom were killed by the plastic.

Date with disaster: Adventurers sail through wave of tsunami debris

Last year, a tidal wave washed an entire Japanese city into the sea. The debris, washing this way, holds clues about the nature of our trash-filled oceans.

Rio hangover: 50,000 people rallied for the Earth Summit. Did it do any good?

We came, we saw, we spent hours and hours stuck in Rio’s mythic traffic jams. Here's what we have to show for it.

Romney opposes mercury rule, beclowns himself again

Let's take a minute to mock the Romney campaign's stance on mercury and other toxic power plant emissions.

Fire retardants are great at killing forest fires, fish

New rules governing the use of retardants are intended to prevent the sort of die-off seen in Oregon in 2002. But they aren't always the first priority.

Pollution makes carnivorous plants go vegetarian

Acid rain apparently has one benefit: It gives carnivorous plants so much nitrogen that they no longer need to eat meat. A new study has determined that sundews in Swedish bogs are cutting back on their insect consumption, which is good …

Getting used to being in charge of the planet

Decisions made by people alive today will determine the fate of life on Earth for centuries to come. It's time to take responsibility for our planet.

This graphic novel about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch looks awesome

I’m Not a Plastic Bag is a graphic novel about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the agglomeration of plastic flakes that is swirling around in the Pacific Ocean. The book follows the journey of several pieces of trash destined to …