Climate-change planning should include family planning

Women and their kids in Kunderpara, Bangladesh.The women of Kunderpara village are used to having water all around them. They live on an island in the middle of one of Bangladesh’s many large rivers. The women are even used to …


Buy green sex toys, help support Grist

You can’t get pregnant, or get anyone else pregnant, by playing with yourself — good to note in this year of 7 billion. That’s why Grist loves vibrators. We recommend you pick up a green one — or three. If …


Smart planning for the global family

Spreading the message in Malawi.When it comes to population growth, the United Nations has three primary projections. The medium projection, the one most commonly used, has world population reaching 9.2 billion by 2050. The high one reaches 10.5 billion. The …


‘Let’s talk about sex’ — and what American teenagers don’t know about it [VIDEO]

“Every day in America, 10,000 teenagers catch an STD, 2,400 young girls become pregnant, and 55 young people are infected with HIV.” Those sobering stats are from a documentary airing on TLC tonight, April 9, at 10 p.m. / 9 …


Is coming out as childfree like coming out as gay?

As I’ve talked to and read about people coming to terms with their decisions not to have kids, the comparison has come up over and over. “I felt like a gay person must feel, coming out of the closet and …


Hilarious cartoon ads: Sex is no accident. Always use a condom.

Best. PSAs. Ever. From MTV in Germany. We could use ads like this ’round these parts.       Again with the MTV doing good on sex ed. (h/t Adweek)  


As we head toward 7 billion, what does a typical person look like?

Here’s the latest video from National Geographic‘s year-long series on population (set to music that’s got me feeling all jittery and peppy): The gist: The most typical person on the planet is a 28-year-old Han Chinese man; there are more …


Are rich Americans having more kids?

“Soon we’ll have our own lacrosse team!”In Tina Fey’s recent piece in The New Yorker, she writes that elite Manhattanites seem to be trying to outpopulate the rest of us:  I thought that raising an only child would be the …

Climate Change

Charts explain our current situation and how to improve it

The hundreds of data sets that accompany Lester Brown’s latest book, World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse, illustrate the world’s current predicament and give a sense of where we might go from here. Here are …