Remember when Americans used to care about population? [VIDEO]

These days, when people go out of their way to avoid mention of the P word, it's almost hard to believe that population used to be a mainstream issue.


An indigenous take on family planning and population

A Mayan leader in Guatemala finds hope for the survival of his people in a combination of traditional and modern solutions -- including family planning.


We can feed 10 billion of us, study finds — but it won’t be easy

A new study in Nature says the world can feed itself without ruining the planet -- if we make major adjustments now to how we farm and eat.


7 billion? It’s time to talk

People go out of their way to avoid talking about population, just as they do with sex, politics, and religion. But it’s time to get over the squeamishness.


Population facts and figures at your fingertips

The number of people in the world is expected to reach 7 billion by the end of October 2011. Our rate of increase continues to slow from the high point of over 2 percent in 1968. Still, this year’s 1.1 percent increase means some 78 million people will be added to the global population in 2011.

Soiled diapers can now end up as roof tiles

Babies! They use so much energy that the best thing you could do to save the human race from climate change might be to avoid having one altogether. But if you choose the reproductive path, at least the 6,000 poopy diapers that your offspring will produce in the course of his or her early years could have a second life as part of your house -- specifically, as the shingles tiling your roof.


Will more attention to climate change bring back ‘population control’?

I'm afraid that attention to climate will revive alarmist debates on population. And as a woman of color, I'm worried that the specter of population control will rear its ugly head again.


Where’s the contraceptive for overconsumption? [VIDEO]

"What we need to really find for the future is the contraceptive for overconsumption," says Mother Jones reporter Julia Whitty in this PBS video.


International family planning saves lives. So why is the GOP cutting it?

The GOP is committed to rolling back women's health rights that have made families and societies stronger across the developing world.

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