Renewable Energy

Medal-less Germany generates 25 percent of electricity from renewables

But generates zero gold, silver, or bronze medals in London.

What I left out when I wrote about lowball renewable energy projections

My recent post about off-base energy projections glossed over the main reason that renewable energy has grown faster than predicted: policy. Good policy works!

Why do ‘experts’ always lowball clean-energy projections?

Renewable energy evolves quickly and is hard to quantify, but experts' predictions last decade were way off. It makes you wonder what today's projections will look like in 2020.

Spray-on solar windows use teeny tiny solar cells to capture energy

If the Internet has taught us anything, it is that everything is better when it is smaller. Kittens are better than cats. Cake pops are better than cakes. LEGO models of anything are pretty great, even if the full-sized version …

Power your laptop with your butt

Swedish designer Eddi Tornberg has turned the plight of modern workers — sitting like lazy larvae in front of computer screens all day — into a form of renewable energy. He uses the heat of our rear ends to create …

Columnist: Millions for coal and oil, but not one more penny for clean energy

The Washington Post's Charles Lane argues we should abandon clean energy investment and cede that industry to China.

Yes, the economy could soon run on (mostly) renewable power

A study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory demonstrates that an energy mix that is 80 percent renewable in 2050 could operate fine. If only we had the will to create it.

Clean energy investments climb, along with Big Oil’s blood pressure

OK, well maybe they're not overly worried just yet. But the investment trend – particularly in the United States – is encouraging.

What’s really funny: Taking the oil industry’s word on its job creation

If you've seen the video lampooning what counts as a green job, consider this: what does the industry count in its job numbers? They'll never tell.