Renewable Energy

‘Secret’ talks will fix budget — right after the election

But there is good news: Delaware's junior senator wants to include discussion of an intricate system for indirectly funding renewables!

Meet renewable energy’s new ally

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way up front. The renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) is an incentive provided to energy producers equal to 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour, adjusted annually for inflation. If you generate electricity using …

Lay off the Konarka: Dem energy message risks defeating Dem energy message

The Democrats' "all of the above" energy message is an effective one. Their "Romney backed a solar clunker too" message is not.

Five! (Photo by woodleywonderworks)

The top five things voters need to know about conservatives and climate change

There's been a recent surge of stories about conservatives and climate change in the mainstream media. But oddly, none of them tell voters what they most need to know on the subject. It's time for a primer.

The new new hydropower: Small-scale turbines have big potential

Move over, big-ass dams. Hydropower is getting a makeover thanks to a new type of hydrokinetic turbine that runs in canals and spillways.

The truth about renewable energy: Inexpensive, reliable, and inexhaustible

Don't believe the common myths about renewable energy. Real-world experience is shattering long-held assumptions every day.

Soldier looking depressed

Senate Republicans join House in second-guessing military leaders on biofuels

The Senate Armed Services Committee has voted to prevent the military from pursuing biofuels initiatives. So much for energy security and patriotism.

soldier filling tank

The promise and peril of a military shift to biofuels

The U.S. military's most audacious green initiative is trying to find biofuels to power its fleets. The effort could transform markets ... but it also poses big risks.

Republicans try to force the military to use dirty energy it doesn’t want

The GOP wants to block the military's use of cleaner fuels and push use of dirtier fuels. "Supporting the troops" apparently ends where Big Oil contributions begin.