School Lunches


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9-year-old’s lunch blog gets banned by politicians, then unbanned by internet outrage

Local politicians tried to ban Martha Payne's blog documenting her pathetic school lunches. The 9-year-old and her legions of internet fans, including Jamie Oliver, fought back and won.

9-year-old’s lunch blog shames school into making changes

Martha Payne had some sad-ass lunches at her school in Scotland -- unsatisfying food that sometimes had more hair than vegetables. So the 9-year-old decided to start a blog with photos and vital statistics about her meals.

What’s inside a school lunch burger? 26 ingredients, and only one is meat

Caramel color makes the burger look like it's been grilled when it really hasn't.

High school culinary students eat their own classroom pets

Students in the culinary program at Jasper Place High School in Edmonton, Canada (yes, Canada apparently has culinary programs in high school) probably think farm-to-table restaurants are a pretty cute idea. Oh, you have a farm on your roof? You …

32 million reasons to cheer new school lunch rules

They may not be perfect, but the new school meal standards will bring more whole grains and fruits and vegetables into the nation's schools.

Greasy to gourmet: Seattle chefs help schools trade corn dogs for couscous

With the help of local chefs, the Seattle School District makes school lunches healthier by scaling up examples set in smaller towns like Berkeley.

The bad food news of 2011

We continue digesting this year’s food politics coverage below — only this time we take account of the things that didn’t go so well. (Tired of bad news? See the year’s good food news instead.) 1.  Food prices have gone …

A dollar badly spent: New facts on processed food in school lunches

Photo: USDA I want to draw attention to an eye-opening investigative report on school lunch that has gotten a bit lost in the holiday shuffle. In a collaboration between The New York Times and the Investigative Fund, reporter Lucy Komisar delved …