School Lunches

School Lunches

USDA rejects GOP demand to undo new school meal guidelines

The USDA won't back away from proposed guidelines for healthier school food, despite demands from Republican lawmakers that the agency eliminate cost increases.

School Lunches

Down with healthy school lunches, says House GOP

  You want me to eat what?Having already moved to gut USDA programs promoting agricultural conservation and renewable energy and strip the USDA of its authority to enact the first meaningful reform of the irredeemably monopolistic livestock industry, House Republicans have now turned their attention to that other great threat to American freedom: USDA nutrition guidelines. According to the Associated Press, Republican appropriators in the House of Representatives (the lawmakers who control the government’s purse) are on the verge of defunding significant parts of school-lunch reform and elements of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! program, as well as the recently announced voluntary Federal …

Jamie Oliver has really pissed off Los Angeles

The Daily Show – Jamie Oliver Tags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Hey look, Jamie Oliver can talk about improving school lunches for five whole minutes without saying something douchey about fat people! Keep it up, Jamie, because your campaign to increase the real-food content in school lunch — which many low-income children depend on for nutrition, by the way — is a noble one. And this whole thing where the Los Angeles school district has banned you from filming in their schools … we’d say that’s a little fishy, but we’ve seen …

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