Watch Bill Nye explain why he has hope post-election.

"We can do this. It’s in everybody’s best interest."

Nice Try

Donald Trump may have an “open mind” on climate change now, but he’ll still strip NASA of funding.

Don't listen to how Donald Trump feels about climate change today -- listen to what he's going to do for climate research.


What to expect when you’re expecting a Trump-run EPA?

Watch our video on what the EPA will look like come Jan. 20.

All About the Benjamins

Trump vows to create jobs by cutting regulations. That won’t work.

Overregulation isn't the reason the fossil fuel industry has lost so many jobs in the past couple of years.

A quake-up call

Oklahomans are suing frackers over earthquakes.

Pawnee, Okla., has seen nearly 800 earthquakes in the past year, including the biggest one ever recorded in the state.

bolt from the blue

A new satellite will save lives — with lightning

GOES-R will teach us a lot about extreme weather and our changing climate.

thanks obama

Obama halts new oil drilling in the Arctic — for now.

The Department of the Interior just threw a wrench in Trump’s plan to open up the Arctic.

how crude

Oh god, they’ve discovered even more oil in Texas.

This could be the largest supply of oil ever found in the United States.

Vanishing Act

Um, where did all of the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice just go?

Yet another reason 2016 is not a normal year.