License to Bill

Bill Nye is heading to Netflix to take on climate change deniers — with help from a supermodel.

His forthcoming show, "Bill Nye Saves the World," will feature Karlie Kloss as a special correspondent.

down to earth

NASA climate research won’t go down without a fight

"We'll get scientists to march on Washington if we have to."

'nuff said

For the last time, warming is not slowing down!

If you've heard that climate change is on hiatus, guess again.

sodium bicarbon-great

This plant in India transforms CO2 into baking soda.

The backers of a new technology say it could ultimately neutralize 5 to 10 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions from coal.

Caught Out Here

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is now pretending not to know about climate change.

They even decapitalized “Earth,” which is just rude.

keep it down

Fracking causes noise pollution that could be harmful to your health.

Yep, there's another thing to worry about.

guest post

The worst anti-science nonsense of 2016

Between Trump's cabinet, Jill Stein, and Hurricane Matthew truthers, science has been attacked from all sides.

year in review

What a record-breaking year! Sigh.

2016 will almost certainly be the warmest year humans have ever spent on the Earth’s surface.

2016, not all bad?

These states are already stepping up on climate action to prepare for a Trump presidency.

In the coming four years, expect more like this from states unwilling to put up with backsliding.