Four decades after the first Earth Day, the circle of people working toward a cleaner, greener world has expanded way beyond treehugging hippies, red-paint-throwing protesters, posturing politicos, and card-carrying members of enviro groups. To mark this milestone, we’ve found 40 unexpected people who are altering the green landscape.

Erika Allen
Projects Manager, Growing Power

Ambessa Cantave
Educator, Alliance for Climate Education

Ambrose Carroll
Pastor, Renewal Worship Center

Valerie Casey
Founder, Designers Accord

Leslie Christian
Founder, Upstream 21 and Portfolio 21

Robert Cialdini

Jim Cochran
Farmer, Swanton Berry Farm

Cisco DeVries
President, Renewable Funding

Matt Golden
President, Founder, and Chief Building Scientist, Recurve

Zakiya Harris
Founder and Executive Director, Grind for the Green

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart
Founder, Vaute Couture

Rob Jones
Cofounder, Crop Mob

Dorothy Le
Planning and Policy Director, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Anita Maltbia
Director, Green Impact Zone

Valerie Martinez
Executive Director, Indigenous People’s Green Jobs Coalition

Mike Mathieu
Founder, Front Seat

Patti Moreno
Founder, Garden Girl TV and Urban Sustainable Living

Irma Muñoz
Founder, Mujeres de la Tierra

Chandrasekhar “Spike” Narayan
Leader of Science and Technology Organization, IBM’s Almaden Research Center

Jack Newman
Cofounder and Senior Vice President of Research, Amyris

Brenda Palms-Barber
Chief Executive Director, North Lawndale Employment Network

Steve Price
Digital Designer, Urban Advantage

LaDonna Redmond
President, Institute for Community Resource Development; Founder, Graffiti and Grub

Berlin Reed
The Ethical But

Elena Rivellino and Dennis Stein
Owners, Sea Rocket Bistro

Gerod Rody
Founder, Out for Sustainability

Alan Salzman
Chief Executive, VantagePoint Venture Partners

Selim Sandoval
Founder, Growingreen Energy and EarthPlay Learning Adventures

Benjamin Shute and Miriam Latzer
Farmers, Hearty Roots Community Farm

Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr
Founders, Architecture for Humanity

Sammy Slade
Member, Board of Aldermen

John and Julie Stehling
Owners, Early Girl Eatery

Bryant Terry
Eco-chef and Food-justice Activist

Severine von Tscharner Fleming
Director and Founder, The Greenhorns

Hai Vo
Food Activist and Farmer

Janine Yorio
Founder and Managing Director, NewSeed Advisors