7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

7 billion? It’s time to talk

People go out of their way to avoid talking about population, just as they do with sex, politics, and religion. But it’s time to get over the squeamishness.

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

Women’s rights are key to slowing population growth

The best way to slow growth is ensuring that people can make choices about childbearing. But fertility rates remain high where women's status is low.

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

Come and get your Endangered Species Condoms

The Center for Biological Diversity wants to give away 100,000 Endangered Species Condoms this fall. Wanna help?


7 billion: What to expect when you’re expanding — a special series

The population will hit 7 billion on Halloween, according to the U.N. Who knew those goons with the black helicopters had such a macabre sense of humor?


Can smartphones serve as birth control? [VIDEO]

This amusing Indian ad suggests that smartphones can bring down birthrates. If you're having 3G fun, why bother with old-fashioned amorous pursuits?


Rick Perry stumbles and mumbles as he tries to defend abstinence education [VIDEO]

"Abstinence works." That's Rick Perry's response to a question about why Texas is sticking with abstinence-only education despite its high teen pregnancy rate.


Are vegetarians more fun in the sack?

Apparently vegetarians do eat meat. Data from the online dating site OKCupid indicate that vegetarians enjoy giving oral sex more — or anyway, they say they do. There are all sorts of causation and correlation-based theories we could attempt here, …


PETA is starting a porn site

PETA has finally decided to drop the pretense that they're about something besides ladies in underwear. When .xxx domain names go into action in September, your friendly neighborhood animal rights crazies will be first in line --  and they presumably …


Environmentalists need to care about abortion [VIDEO]

You can't have a sustainable society if women are having children they don't want. This video from the Guttmacher Institute looks at who's having abortions in America.