Waterfowl flock along a long concreted stretch of the LA river at sunset with the downtown skyline in the background.

Lost and found: Scenes from the Los Angeles River

A photographer's obsession uncovers the many faces of a river long known only as the backdrop for movie car chases.

Farmers fatales: Here are the women who grow your food [SLIDESHOW]

Female farmers are as colorful as the crops they raise. These pictures will give you a taste of who they are and what they grow.

Solar Impulse’s U.S. adventures, in photos

The all-solar plane has already made it from the Bay Area to Phoenix. Check out pictures from the first leg of Solar Impulse's historic trip across America.

Changes on the horizon for California’s troubled Salton Sea?

New efforts to save the Salton Sea from ecological disaster are winding their way through the California state assembly.

Crude awakening: Exxon’s Arkansas oil spill ain’t pretty [SLIDESHOW]

ExxonMobil assures us that EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY COPACETIC in Mayflower, Ark., where a ruptured pipeline blew tar-sands oil all over residents' yards and into streets, streams, and a nearby lake. Mmm hmm ...

Nikki Burch |

Keystone komics: The incredible, illustrated history of the Keystone XL oil pipeline

Ever wonder who cooked up the idea of digging up all of Canada’s tar sands and piping them across the continent? All of your questions are answered here, cartoon style.

Philipp Stingl

Mini-mansions are all the rage

Both industrial designers and industrious teens alike are engineering tiny paragons of sustainable living. Behold some of our recent favorites.

Climate change is making animals shrink

Animals worldwide cope with climate change by getting physically smaller, in a biological trend scientists call "adorbs."

Rad posters will inspire you to do the Green Thing

Photos of weeping seal cubs won't encourage you to walk more and waste less. Here are 11 great posters that encourage greener everyday habits.