Solar Power


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Florida tries to reclaim its identity as the Sunshine State.

Voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to cut property taxes on residential and commercial properties with solar panels.


Solar is nearly 10 percent cheaper than it was a year ago.

Solar is getting cheaper -- but not because of technology.

Uncommon headlines: Rising Republican star (Chris Christie!) embraces solar

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signs a big solar bill, demonstrating the bipartisan value in supporting renewables.

U.S. lays out the welcome mat for solar on public lands

By identifying 17 sites in the West for solar installation, the government hopes to vastly increase the supply of renewable energy.

Why we pay double for solar in America (but won’t forever)

The barriers to cheap solar in the U.S. can be solved by policy, not technological, innovation. It's not too ambitious to assume the price of solar will keep falling.

Baseball’s All-Star Game: So green, you’ll forget the game doesn’t matter

How green is the All-Star Game? So green, even the red carpet is green.

sun over solar panel

How to put solar panels on your roof, even if you don’t have a roof

A bill advancing through the California legislature would make it easy for anyone who pays a utility bill to become a solar customer.

America: Awash in sunlight and oil

Which is shifting the market for both.